Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SCORE!! Free running capris

Ok, more like 'recycled' or 'repurposed' I guess =)

I was going thru some outgrown clothes of my girls and ran across a pr of 4T black leggings that belonged to my 5yr old daughter. I was gonna throw them in the donate pile but thought....'Hmmmm, I wonder.....'

YES! They fit! Now I got me some running capris for those days that arent cold enough for tights but not warm enough for just shorts!

Now due to the fact that these are PRETTY stretched out after I stuff my chunky legs in them, I'll definitely be wearing shorts over them...but I am SUPER pleased to find something I have been wanting, here at home!

Dont be hatin' on the fuzzy socks. You know you want some.


  1. OK, that's some funny stuff right there.

  2. now that's just awesome. i'm pretty sure that my waist is way too big for that...

  3. I can't show this to my husband, or he'll just have more ammunition for the "one more" argument! =D
    Seriously, though, THAT IS GREAT and something I would try to do too. He he. And I don't think you need shorts over them ! :)

  4. Natty-yep, I'm always up for some comic relief =)
    Dawn-you'd be surprised, I'm not tiny at all, but the waist band is VERY stretchy
    ERG-yes, TOTALLY need the shorts, they are almost see thru in some very 'should NOT be see thru' type places =) Does your hubby want to have more kiddos?

  5. Free is never a bad thing!! 4T???????

    I couldn't get one leg into if I tried! That's awesome!!! :-)

  6. I am laughing so hard, my coworkers had to come over to see the capris too. I have a 4yr old myself but oh my I don't think I could ever pour myself into any of her tiny little clothes. HOW tall are you?!?

    Good for you. I need to go home to try this out...