Friday, November 12, 2010

Ice Cream-1 Anna-1/2

Ok, the ice cream won the battle last night. BUT I did eat about 1/2 my normal amount so I felt like I won a TINY bit of that battle.
Shame on your Breyer's Oreo ice cream for all of your tempting goodness...

Tomorrow is the LAST day of my 15K plan. I am running it with the hubs and this is my longest distance yet. I will have to make sure he knows ahead of time to TOTALLY let me work the pace out as I dont want to get pooped too early. Can't wait til I can run as fast as he can.

However. This will also be the coldest and windiest I have run in yet. It is forecast to be 37* when we start out but with the wind (18-22 mph) it will be 27* windchill.

I think I have the appropriate gear, but I am afraid of overdressing in the beginning.
On the flip side, I am equally as afraid of NOT dressing warm enough.

Guess you'll find out tomorrow whether I err on the side of heatstroke or hypothermia....I'll post tomorrow, hopefully with all my digits still intact.....



  1. i say better to be over dressed and shed layers rather than underdressed and be miserable. you can always tie jackets/shirts around your waist, shove hats and/or gloves in the waist band of your pants. the worst is when your ears/hands or feet are cold.

    have fun! you'll do great!

  2. True 'dat.
    I ran in 31* this week w/ NO wind in a LS w/ a tshirt over top and felt great. I think I'm probably going to do the same thing but throw a jacket over top of it and then shed the jacket if I need to. I am sure I will be keeping my headband and gloves on in those temps though-BRRR!!

  3. Err on the side of warmth, you can always shed layers.....losing fingers would be a drag. :-)

  4. Plus, if you lost fingers, how would you be able to "pinch" little noses clean in that cold? I don't like ice cream so it is easy for me to not eat it. But the other trick to not eating it is to NOT buy it.

  5. True Nej =)
    Natty-hubby eats a HUGE bowl of ice cream every night so we ALWAYS have ice cream =) How he can be in such good shape and eat all the ice cream is beyond unfair in my eyes.... =)

  6. Of course, what you aren't telling us is that he is a personal trainer who gets up at 5:00 am for a 6 mile run before heading to the gym to workout for 10 hours with customers before heading back home.

  7. best of luck! I have a race this sunday, but its a teeny tiny 5k ;-)

  8. Wow, that's cold! Just found your blog and am a new follower. I enjoy running with my husband as well. He, however, usually makes me run too fast on our long runs.

  9. Natty-ya right!
    the only exercise he gets is once a week when he plays competitive soccer...right now he is playing bball once a week instead of soccer. He's still got a killer build, even though he RARELY lifts anymore-sick I tell ya....just sick...
    AND did I tell ya he's a speedy runner even though hes NOT EVEN A RUNNER?!?!?!
    Yeah, its enough to make me want to upchuck my, ice cream rather....

  10. Good luck on the race Sarah-thats the only distance that I have raced at so far...cant wait to hear the report!
    JustTrying-thanks for joining me in my journey!