Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nov 30, 2010

Nov 30, 2010...elliptical workout, 10 miles: 46 minutes...

Didn't get up in time to get my workout in this morning, but sleeping in that extra hour was oh so worth it. I knew I HAD to get a workout in today though as I ate MAN sized breakfast. 3 LARGE pancakes, absurd amounts of butter and enough syrup to say 'hey you want some pancakes with that syrup?' Oh, but I DID only eat 2 sausage links instead of the 3 I REALLY wanted so I guess I get some good girl points there.

I haven't worked out on the elliptical for this long in quite sometime and it felt good to get the miles in.
STILL havent gotten back into the weights...I REALLY need to do that.

On the Nike front, I have decided to send them back in. Well that was until about 20 minutes ago. A friend of mine sent me an email saying that she thought Scheel's might help me out, even if I didnt buy the shoes there, so I may take them there first and see what they can do for me.

I plan to run either tomorrow or Thursday, just a few easy miles. Either outside or on my neighbors treadmill.

Can you believe tomorrow is the first day of December??

Monday, November 29, 2010

Nov 29, 2010 and Nike update

Nov 29, 2010...3.23 miles in 36 minutes...48* windchill or 43*...gear: headband, buff, LS Chill Chaser under a Reebok tech shirt, gloves, 1/4 zip fleece, gloves, buff, shorts, Chill Chasers tights, hydration belt, tunes and I was WAYYYYYY overdressed!!!

Well, I decided to give a short recovery run a try this morning in my dead shoes and it seemed fine. I didnt even notice the hole at ALL. I have been so used to cold mornings that I was overdressed and was SO wishing that I could have taken off my LS shirt, but I wore it UNDER my tshirt so I was out of luck. Thankfully I was going slow enough that I didn't catch on fire or anything.

So. Hubby called Nike for me today and here's the scoop. I can send the shoes back and file a claim. They will either A) send us a voucher for the price of the shoes when we bought them or B) deny our claim and send the shoes back. BUT all of this will take 21 days.
So I could be without shoes for a month or more.

My dilemma is this...I got a pair of Air Max 2010's yesterday for $89 (gotta love shopping the 'big kid' shoes!) but I dont LOVE them the way I did my 2009s. I am nervous to wear them as I dont think Finish Line would take them back after they have been worn...anyone know?

So my options are this:
1: send the shoes back and use the 2010s in the meantime (will only do if FL would take them back if they didnt work)
2: send the shoes back and were my Air Max's I wore BEFORE I got the 2009s and run all short easy runs (however those are about 6 years old and I was only running 5-8 mpw before I got the 2009s)
3: plunk down $130+ for some new 2009s
4: dont send the shoes back and hope the 2010s work

I know I could get fitted at a running store...would THEY take shoes back if they dont work?
I am just really partial to my nice cushy Nikes...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Retiring my first pair of running shoes...*sigh*...

*edited this post w/ this picture so you can see my shoe from the side...then you can tell me if that shoe in the link below is the same as mine!* =)
I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little disappointed. I have had these shoes since July, but I have ONLY used them for running (and a couple of biking sessions) and they only have about 220 miles on them.
Also, my legs and joints have felt fine. But yesterday, for SOME reason I happened to look at the bottom of them and saw this.
I dont know how long the heels have looked like that, or how long the right heel has had that hole. That hole has essentially popped the air 'bubble' that these have in the sole/heel and has pretty much wiped out any heel support on that side. Odd since I have been running fine with them with no trouble, so I really wonder if they have been that way for a while and I just haven't noticed? I really REALLY like these shoes and want to get another pair, but I dont want to pay $160 for a pair of shoes that are only going to last me 200-250 miles.
I found these online NIKE AIR MAX

but I dont know if they are the same was my shoes or not, but wow, what a savings!!

I know it may not be wise, but I am going to try to run in these this week (all easy miles) and see how I feel...I feel like I have shelled out a lot of money the last few weeks on various things and dont want to throw down another $160 for a pair of shoes!
*edit to say: I think I found some HERE!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nov 27, 2010

Nov 27, 2010 Saturday....7 miles...1 hour 19 minutes.....21* no wind....gear: headband, fleece neck gaiter, jacket, LS Tek Gear shirt, short sleeve Reebok (one of my new shirts from my GOODWILL TRIP ), Fila tights, shorts, 2 prs of cheapie gloves, hydration belt, tunes

What a nice morning. It was a bit chilly at 21 degrees, but there was no wind so it really was quite beautiful. I went the same route I did on my last 7 miler. I didnt want to do this same route again as my pace on the last one felt terribly slow to me, and it was a chilly, windy, gloomy day. So it had bad vibes for me. BUT today was a beautiful day so I decided to try it out again.
But here's the funny thing.
My pace was even SLOWER today! I think it happens because the route has a good amount of uphills the first 2-3 miles. BUT I am ok with the pace. According to McMillan, my long runs are suppose to be between 10-11 min (this is according to my newest 5K time which is 25:30 by the way) =) so I went a tad over that, I THINK. Ya see, I unknowingly stopped my timer on my watch during one of my many tissue-to-nose meetings and I THINK it was stopped for between 5-6 minutes, but I dont really know so I am just guessing the time. Could have been faster could have been slower. Oh well.
Almost got chased by a little wienie dog. He was running up a side street at me and I thought about just continuing on but I didnt know if he woudl see that as a challenge and take a chunk out of my calf to prove himself the winner. Also, the 2 elementary kids who were yelling at him and running for all they were worth pushed me onto the side of 'oh just stop for a minute for crying out loud!'. So I did, and little Oscar Meyer rushed up and 'bout wagged his tail off with excitement. Apparently the sight of a sweaty, snotty runner at 8am on a Saturday is his idea of a good time! I held his collar til the boys came and got him, to which they were forever grateful. Or at least grateful for the next 2 minutes or so.
Also forgot my shades so I was squinting for 1/2 this run as the sun was DIRECTLY in my face for the last 1/2 of the race. Which almost landed me flat on my face in a pile of acorns which I didnt see due to the slits with which I was using to view the world.
Must. Remember. Sunglasses.
I wore one of the new Reebok Dri-Fit shirts I got yesterday and YEEEE HAAAAAAWWW! I LOVED it!!
Previously I had been wearing Tek Gear shirts from Kohl's which, since they are called 'Tek' and 'Gear' I assumed they were 'tech' shirts. AND they do say they will wick away moisture. Now, the care label that said '60% cotton, 40% polyester' had me doubting as did the 'cotton' feel of the shirt, but I thought, 'if they say moisture wicking, they must be!'
But I have been noticing since it has been getting colder, that I have been chilly on my runs after I sweat and especially on my walk home (which is about 5-6 minutes). I mean REALLY chilly, and I have a hard time warming up for quite awhile afterwards.
Today? This new shirt? Way way way better. I was not chilly in the LEAST bit during the run or afterwards. So I will save the Tek Gear tshirts/tanks for the spring. They didnt seem to bother me at all in the summertime oddly enough.
I am still SO excited that I got them for such a killer deal and that they fit so well.

My knees were still a bit achy yesterday so I opted to go for 7 today instead of the 11 I planned. That 5K really wiped me out.
But it hurt so good.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday success

I battled the masses and survived to tell about it!

Truthfully, I probably missed the crowds like the one below as I didnt get started until afte 7 am. I kind of kicked myself about it too as the super crazy people usually shop the 5-6am time frame, BUT I was very thankful as I missed a lot of the long lines....
-Love how stripped shirt lady is using the cart handle as a boob holder.
Here is the running related loot I got...
The black 1/4 zip is a C9 from Target. They were $7.99 BUT I shopped the little girls' sectiong and got this one for $4.79!
I got another pair of Chill Chasers stretch tights (I call them tights, but apparently they are ACTUALLY 'underwear' according to the package, but let's ignore that, shall we?) I also got a Chill Chasers LS shirt to use as an extra insulating layer when it gets cold. Chill Chasers are made to keep ya warm AND wick away mositure-gotta love it!
ShopKo also had a great deal on their gloves. Those Thinsulate mittens are normally $19.99 but I got them on sale for $7.99! They have a little zip pocket to put the warm gel packet thing-a-ma-bob, but I will most likely use it to store some extra tissue in. Can never have enough tissue! I also like the fact that the mittens have 'gloved fingers' on the inside.

Menards was actually the first place I stopped and I got a whole bunch of those cheapie gloves and beanie hats ($.48 each)...so if I loose some, or if my girls steal them, then I'll have back ups. Menards at 8am was C to RAZY!! Good golly! I can't imagine what it would have been like at 5am.

So after all that shopping (I went to 5 retail stores) I decided to swing by the Goodwill that is just minutes from my house. Apparently Black friday is the day to shop there as there was only 4 or so other people there. Usually its pretty packed anytime I go.
I am always on the lookout for things I can use for running (pants, shorts, shirts etc) and almost ALWAYS come up empty handed.
Not today.

Found this GREAT pair of Nike Dri-Fit running tights for $3 and change!!

All 3 shirts are Reebok, like NEW and all dry-fit fabric. They all fit me to a tee. They were each $3.50

Tank tops! Love tank tops. All are dry-fit as well, We have a Russel Sport, C9 and Nike. The pink one was $3.50, the other 2 were $1.99 each!

Great shopping day =)
Excited to try out some of my new gear on my long run tomorrow

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Virtual 5K Turkey Trot Nov 25, 2010

Nov 25, 2010....Virtual 5K Turkey Trot...18* no wind....gear: headband, fleece neck gaiter, gloves, tshirt, LS shirt, jacket, shorts, Chill Chasers tights AND Fila tights, hydration belt, tunes and about 427 tissue....

This morning I participated 'virtually' in a 5K with a bunch of other people from the beginner's forum at RunnersWorld.com. You could pick which distance you wanted to participate in, and then post your time when you finished.
I chose the 5K as that is the time I most want to improve on (and that I feel I can survive 'racing' without having an aneurysm).

I had wondered whether I was going to be able to run this morning as yesterday was a gloomy yucky, cold day with some mist, so the ground was pretty wet. It was also pretty cold overnight so I was convinced it would be too slick to run this morning. But I was optomistic and set my alarm for 6:45 this morning and got all ready to go.

Looked out my front door...and the ground is perfect!! No sign of a slippery surface anywhere, totally dry.

It was pretty chilly out but I felt I was dressed well for it. Was chilly, but not overly so. ( The only strange thing was, the bottom of my thumb on my left had kept getting numb and tingly the whole run- SUPER annoying!)
Walked down to the bottom of my hill and heard the little gun go off in my head.

I knew I was starting off too fast, but this WAS a race afterall, and apparently starting off too fast is what I do =) Being that this WAS a race, I created a whole slew of racers in my mind to try to pick off.
There was the fat guy....the 60 year old lady....the gal w/the jogging stroller....the pair of 8 year old kids....oh and the scrawny super fast high school kid running in his cargo shorts and VANS.

Anyway, so I got to going and about 1/2 way thru the first mile realize that I am going pretty fast (for me at least), so I had to slow it down for about 15 seconds, then I picked it up again. The only time I looked at my watch was around the 1 mile split and it said 8:40! I was thrilled as my last 5K had my average pace time at 8:52. So I was unknowingly banking some time as I REALLY wanted to at least run it in the same time as my last 5K race (27:30)...but I didnt want to disappoint myself if I didnt, so I told myself that I was just going to shoot for sub30.

I was sure glad that not many people were out and about on a morning like this as I was QUITE a sight I'm sure. TOTALLY looked like a fish out of water trying to suck in as much air as I could. Had to spit a bunch of times as that phlemy feeling I get in my mouth is a total distraction when I am trying to throwdown some serious race-pace. Some of those spits didn't want to leave my lips though, so THAT was a bit embarrassing, but again, thankfully, no one to witness that but a few dogs and THEY can't laugh at me behind my back...

So I get to where I think 2.5 miles is and my watch says 21 minutes or something...a bit too much of my brain was on a one-way train to my legs though so I couldnt really do the math, but I remember thinking 'oh, so I AM going to get a sub30!' never mind that I would get a sub 27 which was UNTHINKABLE to me starting out. I was going at a very fast clip the last 1/2 mile and I got within about 50 yds of the finishline....I had already picked off the fat guy and the jogging stroller lady (only because she had to stop and change a poopy diaper, wash her hands, breastfeed her baby and then burp him), but the 8yr old kids were still in my sights (cargo shorts high school kid had already finished and was eating a bagel with 60yr old lady who turned out to be his grandma and she beat him by 2 minutes-speedy grandma)...so I turned on what little I had left in the rocket boosters and blasted right thru them (then turned around and stuck out my tongue in true grown-up fashion) and to the finish line. Stop my watch....

25:30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (8:13 pace)

WHAT?????? I KNEW I left it all out there as I had the 'oh my word, I am SO going to puke FER SURE this time' feeling for about 2 minutes. BOY do those 2 minutes suck.
After that I felt like like clicking my heels all the way home.

After I had been home for a few hours I thought 'wow, did I REALLY run that fast? What if I charted the course wrong?????' I got all nervous so I charted the course at mapmyrun AGAIN, as zoomed in as you can get....and yep, all 3.1 miles were there =)

So here's the 5K run down since I started running (which was in July)
Aug 28 Ted E Bear Hallow 32:19
Oct 3 Race for the Cure 29:00
Oct 30 Red Kettle Run 27:30
Nov 25 Virtual 5K Turkey Trot 25:30

I'm rockin' this running thing, ya'll.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nov 24, 2010

Nov 24, 2010 Wednesday....elliptical 7 mi...33 minutes.

I have taken it easy this week as I want to have nice fresh legs for the virtual 5K race tomorrow. Its suppose to be SUPER cold tomorrow morning (at least to me, I suppose to an Eskimo it would be downright balmy).
My goal is sub30. I know, I know....'But Anna, didnt you JUST run a 27:30 5K 4 weeks ago??'

Why yes, yes I did, thank you for remembering!
I had my Mr Speedy-legs (aka The Hubs) racing with me and he really helped me to pull that pace out. I dont know, honestly if I can run a super speedy run (again, FOR ME), without him pulling me along or without the other runners I can pick off like a bug on my sandwich.

So tomorrow will tell.
*edit to say: it hasnt rained here today, but it must have 'misted' as the ground is wet...and its gloomy. With the temps today and overnight, I am concerned it will be a sheet of ice out there tomorrow and I really REALLY dont want to do the 5K on my neighbors treadmill (this will be the first time I have used it)....please PLEASE dont be icy tomorrow!!!!

I need to keep SOME pep in my legs though, because I am DEFINE-I-TELY going to do me some Black Friday shopping!

I know, I'm certifiable.
Even if I dont buy anything, I LOVE the atmosphere (I know, I know. See above comment).

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

SCORE!! Free running capris

Ok, more like 'recycled' or 'repurposed' I guess =)

I was going thru some outgrown clothes of my girls and ran across a pr of 4T black leggings that belonged to my 5yr old daughter. I was gonna throw them in the donate pile but thought....'Hmmmm, I wonder.....'

YES! They fit! Now I got me some running capris for those days that arent cold enough for tights but not warm enough for just shorts!

Now due to the fact that these are PRETTY stretched out after I stuff my chunky legs in them, I'll definitely be wearing shorts over them...but I am SUPER pleased to find something I have been wanting, here at home!

Dont be hatin' on the fuzzy socks. You know you want some.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Nov 22, 2010

Nov 22, 2010 Monday....4.54 mi recovery run in 50 minutes (11:00 pace)...35 degrees with a windchill of 31*...gear: headband, gloves, buff, tshirt under LS shirt, shorts, Chill Chasers tights, hydration belt, tunes

I debated on going this morning. I got up. Got ready. Went to the front door.
And the ground is all wet. Boo.
I thought with the temps overnight that it would be a sheet of ice out there. So I was waffling between staying home and doing the elliptical or heading over to my neighbors to use thier treadmill. BUT then I decided to plan a different route and head out (my original 4 or 5 mile route had a good amount of hills and I didnt want to risk slipping if there were some ice patches out there). So I did 2- 2.2mi loops around my 'hood, and then some.
It was a bit misty the first 1/2 of the run but not too bad.

I tell ya, I could be one rich 'mutha if I invented a 'runners snot deactivator'...or maybe I just need to perfect the snot rocket.....>shrug< I think I went thru a truckload of tissue on my run this morning.

I dont like running on these gloomy overcast mornings, but was quite perked up by the neighbors in my area who decide that hashbrowns, fried chicken and tacos make good breakfast fare.

Now I just need to figure out which house(s) the smell is coming from and invite myself for breakfast =)

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nov 20, 2010

Nov 20, 2010 Saturday
10 miles....1 hour 41 minutes 45 seconds (10:10 pace)....34*, windchill of 24* (BRRR.)...location: Lake Z....gear: headband, buff, tshirt, LS shirt, gloves, jacket, FILA tights, shorts, hydration belt, tunes

First off...TEN miles!!!!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!! WOO HOOO!!!!!!!! YEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAWWWW!!!


Ok, now that I got that out of my system.... =)
Today was CHILLY! The wind is a killer-and it really wasn't even that windy!
Hubby ran with me today and we drove over to Lake Z for our run. This is my first time running there (except for my race on Oct 30).
I told him to run at his own pace today so his legs wouldnt get so tired of shuffling along =) So he would stride way out ahead of me sometimes and then walk til I caught up with him. This seemed to help him. (After we got done, he STILL had to go play some bball w/ some highschool kids! This guy is a MANIAC I tell ya!)

I got up at 730 this morning and decided to just go ahead and eat something. I was craving corndog nuggets, so that's what I had.
Yep, I am the poster boy, or girl, for running nutrition =)
I had no ill effects from eating pre-run so I was happy about that.
We started our run a little after 10am. Super gloomy out, chilly, and windy. Lovely.

There were several times the first hour where I just felt sluggish. And that lovely wind wasn't helping any. About 50 minutes in, my right hammie started talking to me, then my right knee joined in. Then my left shin was obviously feeling a little left out. But I opened my stride up for a few mintues and that seemed to hush them up in a hurry. HA! Take that!!

Its AMAZING how quickly you get chilly when you stop running. I was almost too cold to stretch before getting in the car, but knew that would be a big mistake so I toughed it out and got it done.
After all, I HAD just thrown down 10 miles in 24* windchill, so I could handle a little nippiness for 5 minutes to stretch.
This was the first run I have worn my jacket for. I debated not even wearing it but when I got out of the car at the Lake I thought 'Weeeeeelllllll, it is windy AND chilly....I'll just wear it and tie it around my waist in 5 minutes', but I wore it for a good portion of the run, taking it off and on when I felt the need. I was VERY thankful I had it.
And the frugal side of me loves that it was only $4 at the local thrift store!! WOO HOO!!

Sacrificed another pair of gloves to the road today. Thankfully it was only a pair of those 'buy-2-for-a-dollar' variety so no big loss. Will have to make a trip to Target to get some more.

This upcoming week I will either do a 4 or 5 on Monday, then I am debating on my middle of the week schedule. I usually do 3 mi on Wed and 2 on Thursday but I am taking part in a virtual 5K on thanksgiving, so I dont really want to switch those 2 runs around (the 3 and the 2), so I may just do a 5 on Monday and the 5K on Thursday (if I have a little gas in the tank, maybe I'll add another mile onto the end of it)...then I plan to run ELEVEN miles on Saturday!!
If I'm not feeling it, I'll back that long run down to an 8 or a 9. I wasnt planning on taking any cutback weeks until after I reach 13.1 for my long runs, but I'll try to be nice to my body and listen to what its telling me.

Sometimes though, I'm hard of hearing.....


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nov 18, 2010

Nov 18, 2010 Thursday
3mile tempo in 28:35 (9:13 pace)....27* no wind...gear: headband, buff, LS shirt w/ tshirt underneath, shorts, Chill Chasers, gloves, hydration belt, tunes
Weights: upper body

Beautiful morning for a run! I did a 3 mile tempo run. I STILL cant believe my overall pace for these things is under 10 minutes!!
0-1 mile: 10:10
1-2 miles: 9:00
2-3 miles 8:25!!
I cant believe my pace for that last mile as the 2nd mile definitely felt the hardest to me...
What's amazing is after that 2nd mile, I took it down to about recovery pace for 2 minutes before picking it up again...and I STILL ran it at a killer pace!! (for me at least) =)

I am loving my polartec headband and buff. Just the perfect amount of warmth...
*click any picture to enlarge*

The LS/tshirt or tank combo is still keeping me at a pretty nice temp, even below freezing!
I would usually wear my FILA tights at anything under 35 (they're thicker) but I thought I would try my Chill Chasers today (which are much thinner) and they worked great.

This was my yummy breakfast this morning. Brown rice topped w/ shredded BBQ chicken and shredded cheese. I LOVE when we have BBQ chicken sandwiches for dinner as I get to have the leftovers for brekky several mornings in a row =)

Totally not running related, but here is a picture of my sweet boy yesterday. Baby #5 and our first boy. And yes, he is every bit as onery and mischievous as he looks =)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nov 17, 2010

Nov 17, 2010....elliptcal workout...6 miles-28:20 (intervals), lower body weights

Nice elliptical workout this morning. I am SO thankful that I have an elliptical here to use on cross training days.
I did intervals a little differently today.
0-10min-warm up
10-12 high intensity
12-13 low intensity
13-15 high
15-16 low
16-18 high
18-20 low
20-22 high
22-23 low
23-25 high
25-26 low
27-28:20 high
It was quite fun. And its always more enjoyable with some good ol 'The Baby Story' on the boob tube =)

After that, I did 'The Firm' Body Sculpt video (the lower body portion) using 3 and 5# dumbells.
I havent done any weights all of last week or any of this week up til now, so it feels good to get back to it.
I plan to start doing abs again tonight as well.
Now off for some good old BBQ chicken over rice w/ shredded cheese for breakfast!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Nov 16, 2010

Nov 16, 2o10...5 miles, easy run....53:40 (10:43 pace)...34*....gear: headband, buff, tank top, LS shirt, shorts, Fila tights, hydration belt, tunes

Nice slow easy run today. Felt great. Was able to breathe thru my nose pretty much the whole time, even through most of the uphill portions!
I kept the pace NICE and easy....kind of like this guy....

Anyway, I am hoping to get back into the weights and abs this week, I have been seriously slacking the last week! My runs this week are a little off due to getting my LSD in this past Sunday instead of last Saturday, so instead of Mon-4, Wed-3, Thurs-2, I am doing Tues-5, Thurs 3...then its 10 miles this weekend!!

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It is finished.

*This was me eating my post-run meal...ok not really, but close.....* =)

Nov 14, 2010....9.3 miles....1 hour 29 minutes 55 seconds (9:40 pace)...34*...gear: LS shirt, tshirt over top, Fila tights, shorts, gloves, headband, hydration belt, tunes

Well lads and lassies, I did. Oh yes, I did. I just completed my first training plan.

Hal Higdon's 15K Novice plan.


I may have looked a little like these ladies when I was done w/ the run.....


I was quite put out yesterday by the snow and ice and what-not, and was hopeful that today would be a day condusive to running and by golly it was!

Got started around 7:05 this morning. It was 34* out. Chilly at the beginning but I warmed up quite nice as I got started. I knew where the 5 mile mark was and planned to be there around 55 minutes into my run. Ended up around 52 minutes. Eh. Not too bad.

This was an odd run. Usually when I get warm, I can take my LS shirt off or pull my sleeves up and I'm good for the rest of the run. TODAY, I had to take my gloves off and on a few times and the sleeves were racking up the frequent flier miles as well. Weird.

After mile 5, I was feeling pretty good, so I upped the tempo a wee bit and threw a few fartleks in there whenever I felt.

Finished up in under an hour and a half. I was SUPER thrilled with that time.

Got home, and after 10minutes of stretching I was STARVING. As in 'I'm gonna ugly-eat' kind of starving.

I was thankful the kiddos were done w/ breakfast when I got home so they didn't have to bare witness to the serious scarfage going on in the kitchen.
I could have given Kobayashi a run for his money....ok, not quite, that guy is a MANIAC!!
Which brings me to my last point. Just because you are HUNGRY enough to THINK you can eat a near-3lb plate of food, doesn't mean you should.
'Nuff said.

Friday, November 12, 2010

My old fitness blog

To check out archives (I use that word loosely since I only had the old blog since beginning of October-but it has 2 pretty good race reports in it as well as daily running reports!), see my old blog at


Ice Cream-1 Anna-1/2

Ok, the ice cream won the battle last night. BUT I did eat about 1/2 my normal amount so I felt like I won a TINY bit of that battle.
Shame on your Breyer's Oreo ice cream for all of your tempting goodness...

Tomorrow is the LAST day of my 15K plan. I am running it with the hubs and this is my longest distance yet. I will have to make sure he knows ahead of time to TOTALLY let me work the pace out as I dont want to get pooped too early. Can't wait til I can run as fast as he can.

However. This will also be the coldest and windiest I have run in yet. It is forecast to be 37* when we start out but with the wind (18-22 mph) it will be 27* windchill.

I think I have the appropriate gear, but I am afraid of overdressing in the beginning.
On the flip side, I am equally as afraid of NOT dressing warm enough.

Guess you'll find out tomorrow whether I err on the side of heatstroke or hypothermia....I'll post tomorrow, hopefully with all my digits still intact.....


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Headsweats Giveaway!

Who doesn't love FREE??

Nov 11, 2010

Nov 11, 2010....2 mi run at recovery pace (21:20, so not quite but close) then home for 14 min on the elliptical (3mi)....31* no wind....gear: Fila tights, shorts, LS shirt with a TekGear tshirt on top, gloves, Northface headband, knock-off Buff and music (gotta have my tunes!)

31* out, but thankfully, with no wind it was quite beautiful.
Got started around 6:50. It was quite chilly over night and a slighty damp day yesterday, so there was quite a bit of frost everywhere-beautiful.
These recovery runs are BOOOORING though. I can hardly call it a run, though both my feet are off the ground at the same time, so I guess 'TECHNICALY' its running. But I think that's why my recovery 'runs' are a little faster, as after running S...L...O....W for the first 6 minutes or so, I just HAVE to up the pace just a WEE bit to make me feel like I am actually DOIN' somethin'! =)
An awesome friend from Daily Mile, Monica, sent me the knock-off 'Buff' headgear that is pictured below.
It is SO veratile.

You can wear it around your neck to keep your neck warm (this is what I did about 5 minutes into my run).

Or pull it up over your mouth as a face mask (what I did during my warm up walk and the first 5 min of my 'run').

Or pull it over your head for a 'Driving Miss Daisy' look....

OR pull it up over your mouth for more coverage...
Do I look like a ninja? I do, don't I. Its ok, you can say it. Rockin' the inner ninja, paisley-style....

However, this is my favorite way to wear it...a headband.
there are a few videos on youtube that show that it can also be worn as a beanie and a bandana, or a scrunchie. Love this thing.
On a food note, I have decided to try to forgo my nightly HUGE bowl of oreo ice cream and have a 'sensible' bowl of apples and cinnamon oatmeal instead. This is a big step for me as I am a big fan of my nightly ice cream. And my eating habits are ANYTHING but sensible. So if I can make this one small change, then maybe it will trickle down to the rest of my eating habits.
Or I'll end up eating the oatmeal and THEN the ice cream...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nov 10, 2010

Nov 10, 2010...3 mile tempo run-28:00....temp 56 with 8 mph winds....gear: thin LS shirt, tank top, shorts, music, hydration belt

Beautiful morning. I love getting up a little earlier now that we have more light in the morning. Started my run around 6:50.
The first mile (which was my warm up mile) felt pretty sluggish. I picked up the pace for a fast tempo for the 2nd mile and could NOT believe that I ran it in 8:15! I backed the pace down again for 2 minutes and then picked it up back up a little and ran the last mile in 8:45....so it went down like this:
0-1 mile: 11:00 (warm up)
1-2 mile: 19:15 then slowed way down for 2 minutes until 21:15
2-3 mile: 28:00
It felt great to push it a little harder today.

I haven't done any ab work or weights this week. I think I either slept wrong sunday night or tweaked something in my neck and upper back and it bothered me enough the beginning of the week that I didnt want to risk it hurting more.
However I think I am ok enough to start up again tomorrow.

So, here was my breakfast this morning. I am NOT a breakfast foods kind of gal. Give me a big bowl of chili over eggs and waffles anyday =)
This is some teriyaki asian stirfry I made. Super easy.
Dice boneless skinless chicken breast and cook until done. Remove from pan. Add 1-2tbps of oil to hot pan and add bag of frozen asian stir-fry veggies. Cook about 8minutes (less if you want your veggies more crisp-I like mine REALLY tender). Add chicken back to pan and as much teriyaki sauce as you like (I usually use a little less than a 1/2 of a cup).
Serve over rice.

Bloggin' on Blogger now!

Ok, I have decided to move my blog over to Blogger as I think its just easier to use....any idea how to move my wordpress blog over to here or do I just have to start fresh?