Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nov 24, 2010

Nov 24, 2010 Wednesday....elliptical 7 mi...33 minutes.

I have taken it easy this week as I want to have nice fresh legs for the virtual 5K race tomorrow. Its suppose to be SUPER cold tomorrow morning (at least to me, I suppose to an Eskimo it would be downright balmy).
My goal is sub30. I know, I know....'But Anna, didnt you JUST run a 27:30 5K 4 weeks ago??'

Why yes, yes I did, thank you for remembering!
I had my Mr Speedy-legs (aka The Hubs) racing with me and he really helped me to pull that pace out. I dont know, honestly if I can run a super speedy run (again, FOR ME), without him pulling me along or without the other runners I can pick off like a bug on my sandwich.

So tomorrow will tell.
*edit to say: it hasnt rained here today, but it must have 'misted' as the ground is wet...and its gloomy. With the temps today and overnight, I am concerned it will be a sheet of ice out there tomorrow and I really REALLY dont want to do the 5K on my neighbors treadmill (this will be the first time I have used it)....please PLEASE dont be icy tomorrow!!!!

I need to keep SOME pep in my legs though, because I am DEFINE-I-TELY going to do me some Black Friday shopping!

I know, I'm certifiable.
Even if I dont buy anything, I LOVE the atmosphere (I know, I know. See above comment).


  1. wow--really? you love the atmosphere of black friday? i just can't handle it. stresses me out!

    i say set your sites high and go for a repeat of that 27:30!

  2. I DO love it! Just add it to my ever growing list of reasons I am strange =)
    I didnt set my sights high, but still had a good race-you can read about it now =)

  3. LOVE black Friday shopping. I hate crowds and hate shopping.....but black friday is a must do every year. We were out of town...but still managed to go to a couple of stores there. :-)