Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nov 17, 2010

Nov 17, 2010....elliptcal workout...6 miles-28:20 (intervals), lower body weights

Nice elliptical workout this morning. I am SO thankful that I have an elliptical here to use on cross training days.
I did intervals a little differently today.
0-10min-warm up
10-12 high intensity
12-13 low intensity
13-15 high
15-16 low
16-18 high
18-20 low
20-22 high
22-23 low
23-25 high
25-26 low
27-28:20 high
It was quite fun. And its always more enjoyable with some good ol 'The Baby Story' on the boob tube =)

After that, I did 'The Firm' Body Sculpt video (the lower body portion) using 3 and 5# dumbells.
I havent done any weights all of last week or any of this week up til now, so it feels good to get back to it.
I plan to start doing abs again tonight as well.
Now off for some good old BBQ chicken over rice w/ shredded cheese for breakfast!


  1. good workout! i think that changing the intensity totally makes the time go by so much faster. and yay for non-breakfast food at breakfast time!

  2. Your breakfast sounds so good to me! I use 'the firm' too, I thought I was the only one:) Thanks for posting your elliptical workout. I am always looking for new workouts.

  3. Dawn-ABSOLUTELY! I have only started to do intervals on the elliptical the last couple weeks and I LOVE it! I would have never thought to try it if it hadn't been for a friend posting HER elliptical interval workout on daily mile =)
    Hungry Runner- My 'Firm' video series I think is early 2000's but I also have some of the, um, 'vintage' videos from back in the 80s and they are MUCH harder to do-them's my favs =)

  4. Cool workout! I have no access to an eliptical, but sounds tough!

    BReakfast sounds great :)