Friday, May 3, 2013

8 cm dilated....

**This website talks about the importance of carb loading the day before the marathon and how many grams of carbs you should be taking in (AND how it will affect your performance!)

So day 2 of carb loading went well.  I'm pretty pleased at how well I was able to stick to my diet plan though I did cut out a few things at my morning snack as I was still full from brekky.

BREAKFAST: 1/2 c oatmeal, 2T sugar, 2 pieces bacon, 1 piece bread, 1 T jelly, 8oz of OJ (this breakfast was CRAZY filling!) And orange juice just tastes better when you drink it from a 'Hello Kitty' cup

SNACK: 1/2 of a banana (too stuffed from breakfast to eat much more!)
LUNCH: 3/4 of a salmon fillet, 1 c quinoa, 1/2 of a roma tomato, 1/2 c prune juice, 2 carrots  (prune juice has a CRAZY amount of carbs in it!)

SNACK: pudding, 1 graham cracker 'rectangle' (mixed 1/2 a chocolate cup and 1/2 a vanilla cup and layered it between my graham cracker 'squares' and had  my own little pudding pie)

DINNER: 1/4 c of white rice and a bit of pepper steak, 3/4 of a potato, pineapple casserole, 1/2 c of corn (I cut the potatoes into chunks and baked them but they were DRY so I could only choke down 3/4 of it)

BEDTIME SNACK: 1 piece of Ezekiel bread with 1T of honey (this will be eaten here in about 20 minutes after the kiddos go to bed. Honey has a good amt of carbs in it.  We also have BBQ chips in the house right now so I make no guarantees as to if the amount we have now, will be there in the morning....)
TOTAL: 1, 895 calories, 304 g of carbs. (not including any BBQ chips that may or may not be eaten)
Also drank six 16oz glasses of water.

I've been meticulous about my meal planning to be sure I'm getting the right amount of carbs, while not letting the calories get terribly out of hand.

My mind is swimming with numbers....

I finished all my pre-planning for this weekend.
Everything is purchased (gels for me, Shot Bloks for the hubs), bars incase we get hungry (Luna bars for me, Power Bars for the hubs) and I will be sure to charge my Garmin and music player tomorrow. (If I had to run without my Garmin I just might cry or hit something. We's tight, ya'll.)  And the 247 other things that I had to plan for.  The anticipation is mounting.

It reminds me of how I feel right before I'm going to have a baby.

I guess there are similarities. 
But this gestation was 4 months instead of 9. And this 'nesting phase' only lasted a few days versus a few WEEKS.  But what I carry home from this 'labor' will smaller, quieter, and shinier. And I never got to wear a baby around my neck.

It's almost 'pushing time'!


  1. I love the comparison between labor and getting ready for the race!

    1. The similarities are astounding. =)