Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Running free!

Ok, I have to say that running under NO training-plan pressure has been BLISSFUL

Now that's not to say that I'm not looking forward and planning out my next few races, but I love this 'in between time' where I can run when I want and as little/much as I want (within reason. Not going to go out and run 15 tomorrow though the thought DOES appeal to me. I'm a long run gal at heart)  =)

I did my first post-marathon run on Sunday
3.1 miles on the treadmill 1% incline 32:50 (plus 20 x 4 sets of push ups)
My legs felt good and ready for an outdoor run but I thought I should give them (and my feet) a softer surface to start out on. 
I was able to run without my callus protectors! For the first time in MONTHS!!!! SUPER excited about that.  The run felt good. My legs felt fresh the whole time but my lungs were like that of a chain smoker. This run sucked the ever-lovin' breath right out of me! Felt WAY faster than 10ish minute miles effort-wise.  But I loved every minute of it.

After that in honor of Mother's Day. I took my mom (and dad) out to lunch at a buffet. 
I'll spare you any pictures.
I was hurting for hours and even by dinner time I STILL wasn't hungry.
Its a tradition that my hubby buys me a Village Inn pie for Mother's Day and I am NOT one to mess with traditions. So home he came that night with a beautiful Banana Cream Pie.  AND even though I wasn't hungry, I ate 1/4 of the pie that night!
The other 3/4 was consumed by me through out the day yesterday. (So basically that was 4,000+ calories of PIE in 24 hours).
Yeah, I didn't sleep so well last night. 
Thankfully I was still able to get up this morning and meet my friends at 5:30 for a 4 mile run

60* at 5:30 am!  Love that. Didn't love the 99* that it rose to later in the day. Nebraska's weather is bi-polar.

I'm the textbook example of a sugar hangover here.

The run felt GREAT. It was already light out at 5:30 a.m.! Love it.
 The run ushered the globs of sugar right out of my pores and I felt great the rest of the day.

I tried to eat wisely today to make up for my sugar abuse yesterday.
I love those Flatout wraps!
Which went well except for the 2.5 granola bars I ate today....actually I think it was 3.5. Forgot I ate one at breakfast.  ADDICTIVE, they are.

Do you have a favorite kind of pie?

What's your favorite temp to run in?

Any special Mother's Day traditions?


  1. i'm so jealous that you have friends that are willing and interested in going running at 5:30am! i still need to find a running circle down here in florida....

    i miss village inn pie :). i miss village inn anything actually...enjoy!

    1. You need to come back and visit so you can get your V.I. fix!

  2. I love running when it's long sleeves and shorts kind of weather. The temperature depends on the wind though.

    Nebraska's weather is definitely bi-polar! Although I'm glad it's not supposed to stay in the 90s for now.

    I wish that I had friends to run with! They all just think I'm crazy.

    1. My fav temp is when I need to have a LS shirt at the beginning but can whip it off in the middle of the run. High 40s, low 50s is PERFECT racing weather. Anything over 60 is too warm!

  3. WOW! Anna, I wouldn't have thought you had it in you to eat 3/4ths of a pie in one day!!

    1. Just one of my many hidden super powers! =)

  4. Mmmm...Banana Cream Pie. So divine!! Hands down, Pumpkin Pie is my fav! We usually just have dinner at my in-laws. Next year I would love to host Mother's Day Brunch! I have a tiny obsession with brunch food. :)

    1. My daughter thinks Pumpkin is God's gift to man. However, I've made a new dessert this year called 'Oreo Fluff' that I think is actually taking place of Pumpkin Pie. And for good reason. It is OUT of this world