Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Before marathon time, it's CARB-a-thon time!

Amazing hot fudge sundae crockpot cake and ice cream

I don't know if you know this about me (and all 3 of you probably do) but this girl LOVES her some food. Sweets are a favorite along with most things carb-y (pizza, tacos, potatoes, cookies, pies, cakes and so on and so forth). I'm gonna take on this 3 day carb fest like Cookie Monster in a Keebler factory.
Now I know I shouldn't go too crazy and I'm going to try to be wise about my choices for the small part, er, I mean for the MOST part, but I am going to allow myself to loosen the reigns a bit on my  food horse who is ever chomping at the bit.
I had hubby go out and buy an embarrassing amount of food so I am sure to have lots of choices.

Here are some of the things I'll be shoveling in my pie hole the next 3 days...

Ice cream (let's be real, I'm MOST excited about the sweet stuff I get to eat)
pudding cups
cookies/chocolate covered pretzels/candy bar (a hopeful limited portion of these)
sweet potatoes
brown rice
dried apricots/raisins
canned fruit (mandarin oranges, pineapple, pears)
Orange Juice (Tropicana with pulp is the best. Don't even try to argue.)
whole wheat pasta/cheese tortellini (with sauce)
Ezekiel bread
PB and J sandwiches
hoagie sandwiches
Greek yogurt with kasha mixed in

Looking at that list excites my inner fatty. I'll need to make sure to keep her in check.
She's wild and unpredictable. 

I've planned to drink more water this week and so far so good. I've done 5-7 16oz glasses every day the last 3 days.
I had ALSO planned to go to bed early every night this week but so far that has been a big fat FAIL. So hopefully I can turn in early tonight and start a 4 night trend.

My plan the next 3 days is to up the carbs on Thursday but try to keep them a bit more complex. Then on Friday I'll up them even more and go lighter on the fiber. Then on Saturday I'll do more simple carbs and go light on fiber and fat (though my traditional night-before-the-race pizza will most likely still be consumed.) I also plan to make my sister-in-laws AWESOME 'Pineapple Casserole'. Good golly its good.

RACE MORNING I'll eat a nice sized PB and J about 2 hours before start time and then probably a 1/2-whole banana (maybe with a little PB) 30 min-1 hour before start time (the banana part is new for me, but I don't think the sammich will be enough).  I plan to use a 1/2 packet of  Chocolate Gu at mile 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 23.  I'm also taking a little trail mix along incase the Gu starts to make my stomach turn. (That's a lot of chocolate snot within a 5 hour time frame!)

POST RACE I'm going to embarrass myself with how much food I eat. BUT, I also plan to pack a few things in my checked bag incase they run out of stuff, or if my stomach is being a picky little baby. I'm thinking I'll take 1/2 of a PB and J, a Luna Bar (just tried one for the first time this week and LOVE them), my normal post run snack of peanut M&Ms and pretzels and I might bring some chocolate milk (or Muscle Milk or something like 'Evolve' in a small little cooler bag. I know Muscle Milk doesn't need to be kept cold, but the idea of room temp 'chocolate-like milk' makes my flesh crawl.  Some things you just don't mess around with).

This week's workouts have gone good so far:

SUNDAY: REST DAY (first TRUE rest day I've had in a coon's age)
MONDAY: 4 mi run 40:37 (10:09 avg pace)
TUESDAY: 30 min elliptical 6.8 miles, upper body and light lower body weights, 1:30 x 3 sets planks
WEDNESDAY: 4 mi run on the 'mill 39:35, 1% incline, 20 x 4 sets push ups

All I have left now is a 2-3 mile easy run tomorrow and then on Friday- an easy walk and some planks.

On an unrelated note.
In Nebraska. IN MAY.
Apparently this has only happened 4 times since 1884. 
Lucky us. >insert sarcasm<

On a lighter note! I get to run 26.2 miles in about 82 hours!!!


  1. Sweets are my thing too. Especially ice cream!! ;)
    I cannot believe it's snowing there!! We're gonna be close to 80 today!
    I'm counting down the hours with you!!!

    1. Ice cream? Really? Never would have guessed.... ;)
      Yep, we had a nice covering of it this morning but a lot of it has melted already. Snow in May should be against the law

  2. Your pre-race meal sounds like what I'd eat before a half, Anna. Are you sure that's enough? Is that what you ate before your long runs?

    1. Actually, before my long runs, I would only do 1/4-1/2 of a banana with a little peanut butter on it. I don't do my PB and J sandwich unless its a race morning. I hope its enough!! I plan to do that around 5:30 (the sandwich) and then do the banana around 6:30 or so (I'm hearing I probably wont even cross the finish line for 20-30 min after the gun goes off...I was thinking of adding in something else but I don't want to mess my tummy up either!

  3. Your pre-race meal would be enough for me to eat, but if you get hungry, you could always eat a full gel instead of half. Have fun in the race!

    1. That's true, Tina! I actually plan to take my own Gu, but I know they'll be handing some out too, so I'll try to take a couple of theirs so I can be sure to have back up if I need it.

    2. Great idea! Speaking of GU, I recently came across a couple of other bloggers who eat half a gel at a time, too.

    3. Good to know I'm not the only strange one! =)