Saturday, May 11, 2013

Three strikes!

Whew! I am BEAT! And I didn't even go running today!
I had planned to try a few easy miles yesterday morning but Wed/Thurs my right knee and bottom of my left foot were still squeakin' at me so I thought I should rest them a bit longer.
I WOULD have ran this morning but today was my annual

Now normally I come home with GOBS of stuff but today, not so much. The local second-hand shops just weren't jellin' with me today.  Boo.
I did get a few things though, including some sweet Nike running pants. I'll have to take a picture and post them.

Anyway, the reason I'm so tired?
Strike 1: One of my young'uns got me up just before 5 am with a tummy ache and I was never able to go back to sleep.
Strike 2: I ate a WHOLE pack of Keebler fudge sticks today (not very good fuel for walking around shopping all day!
Strike 3: I walked around ALL day!!! I left at 8:30, came back at 5 with pizza and McD's for my crew and then went back out to Target after dinner.

Lord willing, I'm going to run a few easy miles tomorrow. I cant decide if it will be on the 'mill or outside. I was really looking forward to running in shorts/ tank top but  checked the weather and it will be 36* at 7 a.m.!!! Really, Nebraska?  Come on.

Soooo, if I feel well, I WILL be running tomorrow, but where remains to be seen. Its going to be SO hard to keep the run short, not only because I MIIIIISSSSSS the long run, but I will be eating my weight in either Dairy Queen ice cream cake or Village Inn pie tomorrow (I haven't decided which of the two evils I will choose yet)..

Stay tuned...

On a completely random note: Have you switched shoes (make/model) since you started running? I'm looking to move away from my Nike Air Max's but I need shoes with GOOD support/cushioning/stability. (If they could make me go faster, that'd be a plus).   ;)


  1. I have worn Nike, Asics and now I'm wearing Brooks. The first version was different than the one I have now. If you have a local running store often times they'll have you run on a treadmill, video it, and make a suggestion. Our store even has a 30-day return policy (for store credit) so if you're uncomfortable you can take them back.
    So sorry your little one had tummy issues!!

    1. I think that's what I'm going to do (go to a running store), part of me is worried that I'll switch and then get injured...

  2. I started with Saucony Progrid Rides and tried out Brooks Ravenna, but just ended back up with the Rides. I think it's okay to try new shoes, but I wouldn't switch out alot, stick to what your feet know if you know what I mean.

    1. Yeah, I hear ya. I guess I'm a little jealous that there are people that can run and run GREAT in $70 shoes and I need to spend $150 a pop and they only last me around 300 miles!

  3. i switch shoes all the time. i love going to running stores and having them analyze my gait and fit me into shoes. i always just go with whatever feels best that particular day. lately it's been mizuno wave riders, but i also love brooks. these days there are some super cute running shoes! i just can't limit myself :)

    1. I think I may do that at a running store. I've not done that before. I'm honestly scared they will have me switch to a shoe that will mess me up!