Tuesday, May 7, 2013


It's that time again!

Three Random facts about me:

1.  Re-occurring dreams: am I the only one that has these? I've not had this one in a good year or two but had them SUPER frequently for YEARS and it was always the same 'plot' though the dreams were different. But the plot was ALWAYS that I was late for class and could not remember the combination to my school locker!! Weird, right??

2.  I might be the most inflexible person in the world (think wooden pencil).  I remember taking dance lessons as a little girl and EVERYONE else could touch their toes except me.  So no yoga/pilates in my future!  =)

3.  I am a big sugar-holic. Seriously. Like 'need-a-support-group' type -aholic. I joke about it a lot but it really is like a drug!  I get shaky sometimes when I think about it and when I'm eating it. Its like I have no 'off' button sometimes! (case in point: I am snarfling down a chocolate chip granola bar as I type this and am contemplating getting another one)...


Do you have re-occurring dreams?
Are you flexible?
Any foods you just cant stay away from?


  1. I have re-occurring dreams that involve being late to class. And late to races. Like I just can't get to the starting line--I forgot gear or need to go to the bathroom or running late.

    Can you tell that I hate to be late?

    1. HAHA, I'm the same way =) I'm usually among the first to arrive at 'things' cuz I hate being late so much! =)