Thursday, December 30, 2010

THEY'RE HERE!!!!!! Oh, and some workouts.

Ok, worked out on the elliptical Dec 27, 29, 30th for between 29-37 minutes and between 6-8 miles. Felt great. Watched some Netflix on Hoarders. Or Hoarders on Netflix, rather, Yadda yadda yadda

Let's get to the important stuff, shall we?

They're here.

Did you hear me?
THEY'RE HERE!!!!!!!!!!

I may have muttered a 'Hallelujah' and took out a kid head-on, on my way to the front door when the UPS man arrived.
I may also have stalked, I mean TRACKED the package 2 or 12 times in the last 24 hours.
And I may or may not have tried them on right on my stoop, right over top of my fuzzy socks.

You could say I was a little excited.

They fit so wonderfully. As in I wanted to shed a tear and eat some ice cream all at the same time kind of wonderfully.

After wearing my 7yr old Nikes for the last month, well, lets just say these do for my feet what ice cream does for my mouth. Minus the cavities and what not.

I am hoping to get a run in them tomorrow. I haven't run since Sunday, since after that run, my shins and ankles were bullying me. I think they'll be MUUUUUCH happier now.

Thank you Nike for being awesome!!!!
*incase you're new here, my Air Max 2009's that I got last July, 'popped' meaning I got a hole in the heel so the whole sole support system was shot. Was told by a guy at Finish Line to try to send them back to Nike and see if they would replace them. I did, and they did!
I got my voucher for $160 last Thursday to use at, ordered the 2010's that night and got them today. Joy.*

Monday, December 27, 2010

I've been tagged!!

Something about being tagged by another blogger makes me feel so....what's the word....obligated? Ha! Just kidding, Natty =)
Natty over at RUNNING POTATO (check him out-funny guy) tagged me with this 'lets-get-to-know-a-little-about-our-running-blogger-friends-shall-we?' thread. So here it goes!
Thanks Natty!

1. Most fond running accomplishment of 2010? (shouldn't that say 'fondest'? Anyway...)
........Considering I have only been running since July, every time I RUN is an accomplishment! But if you want something a little more concrete, it would have to be hitting a sub30 5K which for some reason I thought was about as far out of reach for me as a candy bar on my roof.
Also, running enough to fit into these puppies (see below).

These are a pr of size 4T little girls stretch leggings. NOW they are mommas running capri's! Reduce, reuse, recycle right? I am pretty proud that I can fit into them.

AND that I can rock a fuzzy sock like NObody's business!

2. What are 2011 running goals?
....wellllllll, not many actually. I want to run (and will soon be signing up for) the Lincoln 1/2 marathon which is the first weeknd of May. If I can make it through that feeling slightly better than a 1/2 set bowl of Jello, then I would like to run the Omaha 1/2 marathon in September. I am hoping to sprinkle some 5K's and 10K throughout. I would like to get to a point where I can run 4-5 days a week. Also, hoping to get my tempo runs to a point of where my fastest mile in there is a sub8. Nothing like speedy Janae, but it would be enough for me. (Seriously, check out Janae's blog, she is 10 kinds of awesome and super funny)

3. Favorite race
......This is a hard one. I have run 3 'official' 5K races (more about #4 later).
My first 5K ever was end of Aug this year and I ran it in 32:19. Fond memories just due to it being my first.
Second race was Race for the Cure, Oct 3 (picture below). I LOVED that one due to the ENORMOUS crowd. What a rush. Ran that one in 29:00 and was GASTED WITH FLABBER that I got a sub30 on my 2nd 5K EVER.

Third race was Oct30 and was a favorite as it was my first race to run with my hubby. AND I got to meet a fellow Daily Miler there (Keeley, pictured below) who is AWESOME. AND I PR'd at 27:30 (picture below).

HOWEVER, my FAVORITE race was one I ran all by myself.
I am a member of the Runner's World forum and one of the forumites there put on a 'Virtual Turkey Trot'. Basically, you pick your distance and run it on Thankgiving as if you are in a race. So I picked 5K and I ran it like a pack of wolves (or children trying to steal my candy) were hot on my heels. I mean, snot flying, gasping for air, foaming at the mouth, kind of racing. I was ON IT. I stopped my watch at the end....25:30!!! I was FLOORED.
Very much gasted with flabber yet again.
I even came home and re-mapped it on mapmyrun, zooming in so close I think I could see someone nose hair, and yep, 3.1. So THAT was my favorite race.

3. Favorite holiday guilty pleasure.
.....ok, definitely this.
Puppy chow. And I EAT it like a rabid dog. The term 'ugly eat' would fit appropriately here.
Last question...
4. Most embarrassing running moment
....Well considering I have not been running long, I dont have any. Yet.
But given my track record for clumsiness and generally being innately awkward, I am sure it will come in due time.
Stay tuned.
I get to tag 3 fabulous people! And the winners are.....*DRUM ROLL*
I was gonna tag Kara Goucher, but I don't think she has time to play these little Blog-land games, being that she is so busy running her little 15 mile runs as a 6:22 pace and all.
And Janae, was gonna tag you too, but you are like, 11.1 degrees of awesomeness ahead of me, and I would hate to pull you backwards. BUT if you feel like hangin' with the slow joes for awhile, then feel free to participate!! =)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dec 25 and Dec 26, 2010

Dec 25, 2010 elliptical-6 miles 29 minutes
Dec 26, 2010 treadmill-2.5 miles 29 minutes.

Boy it sure is funny to look at the difference in those two workouts =)
I used my heartrate monitor for both. It is SO fun to upload the data onto my Garmin Training Center when I am done and see how the workout was!

Yesterday on the elliptical, my max heartrate for that workout was around 155.
Today on the treadmill, my max heartrate was around 175.

And for good reason. Today's workout felt super hard. I have just decided that the treadmill sucks and I am not going to enjoy ANY minutes that I workout on it, but will do it if I HAVE to in order to keep up my running legs.

I dont know if I have posted about the treadmill conditions I work out in, have I?
Well anyway, its my neighbors treadmill and they are awesome enough to let me use it. Its in their heated garage so I dont even need to bother them to use it, just type in the code and let myself in!
However (and I HATE complaining because it is wonderful that I have a treadmill to run on at ALL), this treadmill faces their garage door. So really nothing to look at. But it was nice to be able to look thru the 1' window to the outside. Though all I was looking at was their driveway and passing cars, but at least it was something!
Well now, they have put contact paper over all their windows, so when I am on the treadmill looking ahead, there is basically a wall 18" in front of me which makes me dizzy if I try to look at it.
So today was the first time I ran in there with it like that-AND THEN, my music dies on me!!!! I thought I had a good amount of charge on it, but apparently I didnt. So not only did I run with nothing but a wall to look at, but I also have no MUSIC!!!
I am going to see if hubby can figure out something on his phone so that I can take that over there with me and watch something on there.
I do not wish to bid farewell to this world because I died of boredom on a treadmill.

Also, I got the Nike voucher last Thursday!!!!! They gave me the full retail price ($160) so I went right to that night and order my new 2010's. They said 2-9 business days. What a wide range of time. I would have preferred that delivery time said 'now' or 'now plus 2 minutes' =) I am more than a little impatient to get them.
I think running in the old shoes is finally catching up with me as my shins and ankles have been bothering me a bit =(
I cant decided if I should do one more run in them this week or just wait it out until I get my new shoes....thoughts?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dec 23, 2010...LOVE my Garmin!

Dec 23, 2010....3.9 miles 40:07...27* windchill of 21*. Gear: headband, neck gaiter, Reebok tech ss shirt, ls Tek Gear shirt, jacket, gloves, Chill Chasers, Fila tights, shorts, hydration belt, tunes...and GARMIN!!!

I FINALLY broke open the Garmin box yesterday. I thought it would take hubby awhile to figure it out but he skimmed thru the book and gave it to me and said 'Here. I think YOU need to figure this one out for yourself so you know how to work it'.
GRRR. I knew he was right but I HATE reading directions and trying to figure out how stuff works.
Anyway, I was surprised at how quickly you can set this up and have it ready to go!
I read multiple review before deciding on this one (the Forerunner 305). I cant wait to use the HR monitor with it.
One of the best places to find out all the cool things to do with the 305 can be found HERE
this guy did an EXTENSIVE review on it.

I thought the size, and standard wrist band would bother me but they didnt at all! I did order the velcro wrist band set just incase though. However, I DID wear it over my LS shirt today, so that could have made a difference.

This run felt off to me. I got a horrible nights sleep last night, was slightly dehydrated, took a hilly route, and got off a little too speedy. Seeing my pace the first few minutes of the run in the upper 11s kind of freaked me out so I tried to pick up the pace.
Truthfully, the first 5-6 minutes of my run have probably always been upper 11s and I just never know it. Sometimes ignorance is bliss!

However, next time I go on an easy run I am going to try not to focus on that aspect.
It was fun to just run wherever I wanted and look down and see how far I had gone!

I am excited to use the heartrate monitor on my next elliptical workout.

Now I need to figure out how to get my Garmin info off the watch and on to my 'puter....I think hubby'll HAVE to do that for me. This computer and I have a bit of a rocky relationship and sometimes it bites me when I try to do something new. Hubby however, seems to be the 'Computer Whisperer'. Always good to have one of those in the family. =)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dec 21, 2010

Dec 20, 2010....3.8 miles 38 minutes....34* with a windchill of 27*....gear: headband, neck gaiter, Reebok short sleeve tech shirt, LS Tek Gear shirt, jacket, gloves, chill chasers tights, Fila tights, shorts, tunes, hydration belt.

Good golly, it felt SO good to get back out there today! I looked at the calendar and noticed that it had only been 11 days since my last outdoor run, but it felt like 11 WEEKS!!

I was a bit nervous as it felt like I was running upper 10s, so when I got home and mapped my 38 min run, I was MORE than pleased to see it was an even 10 min mile average pace!!

I am trying to go easy in these old kicks. Petered around the Nike site today and I am narrowing it down to 2 pairs. One is on clearance for $127 and the other is full price-$160. But they LOOK like the exact same shoe-only different color. I'm all about saving $33!! Well, saving it to use on something ELSE =)

I am thinking I shouldnt run any days in a row right now until I get new shoes, so my next run will HOPEFULLY be Thursday if the weather holds out.

Nebraska is being kind to me after all!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dec 20th, 2010 and great news!

Dec 20, 2010, KILLER elliptical workout...35 minutes 8.1 miles.

I did intervals on the elliptical this morning and worked it pretty hard, I think I might have seen sweat drip off the screen. =)
I feel like this is my first QUALITY workout in the last few weeks, so it felt really good.

In other news....we just got word that Nike is going to send us a voucher for full retail price of my 09's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could NOT be happier. They said we should get it in 5-7 business days. I wish I could contact them and say 'dont even bother sending it, I already know what I want!' =)

In other running news, it looks like I am actually going to get an outdoor run in tomorrow!!!! I have been giddy all night thinking about it-isnt that nutso?
It's going to be gloomy, and 26 with a windchill of 16, but all I'll be seeing is sunshine and blue skies. And maybe some Care Bears and rainbows.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dec 19,2010

Dec 19, 2010 -treadmill run 3.3 mi in 37:00

Nope. You read that right. No need to search for the ol' eye glasses. It really truly took me thirty-seven minutes to run 3.3 miles. At least according to Mr. Pro-Form whom I am starting to doubt.
According to 'above party' I ran my first mile in 13 minutes. I have NEVER run a 13min mile, even when I was new to running, so I am thinking either the treadmill is off, or I just naturally run really REALLY slow on it. As in 'could qualify for the geriatric turtle marathon' slow.

BUT I think I am ok with that now. As long as I am running, I'm not going to be concerned with the numbers it gives me and just try to slow down and ENJOY it.

Even if it DOES tell me that 5.5mph is HARD and even if I am sweating up a storm trying to push 5.8mph...even if 6mph feels LIGHTINING fast....

Any running is better than no running....right?



Friday, December 17, 2010

Stupid Treadmill....

Dec 15 elliptical 32min 7.1 miles

Dec 17 treadmill run 3 miles 32:00

PLEASE tell me treadmills can be 'off' in their distances for time?? I can USUALLY run 3 miles in 30 minutes or less and it felt like I was putting in almost a FULL 5K race effort pretty much the whole time on this run!! Given that my fastest 5K time was 25:30, I have to question this time/distance here...
I am hoping I have not lost that much running fitness!! It had me down in the mouth a bit to be quite honest with you.
But alas, our roads and sidewalks are still coated with the white stuff with that slippery junk hidden underneath and unless I am looking for a winter spent in some type of traction, I would rather not risk it.
I cant BELIEVE how much I am missing running outside.
Registration for the 1/2 I want to run in May has just opened up too. I am nervous to sign up and not be in shape enough to have a 'quality' race. I dont JUST want to complete. I want to complete while feeling like I was prepared and gave all I had.
BUUUUT, I will probably end up signing up anyway and hoping for the best. =)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dec 14th, 2010....and Dec 13th

Dec 13, 2010 7.1mi 33 minutes

Dec 14, 2010 2.9mi 30minutes TREADMILL run!

Ok, so first time running on the treadmill. Definitely going to take some getting used to, but I am so thankful my neighbors are letting me use theirs! Its in their heated garage, so I dont even need to bother them to use it. Perfect.
Still using my old shoes, BUT we did finally send the Nikes in on Friday! We went to Finish Line and I tried on some 'grown up' Air Max 2010 and they definitely feel different from the 'kid' Air MAx 2010's that I bought. The grown upie ones feel more like my old 09's, so I am thrilled that if Nike gives me a voucher, I have shoes I can buy that will work!

I am hoping to run a few times a week over the next few weeks until I can get some new kicks. Hopefully the balmy 35* that is forecasted for the middle of the week will melt the snow and ice and I can throw down on some pavement!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dec 10th and Dec 7th

Dec 7th...elliptical 8 miles 38 min

Dec 10th 3.76 mi, 37:27....20* no wind....gear: headband, neck gaiter, Reebok tech shirt under LS Tek Gear shirt, jacket, gloves, Fila tights, shorts, tunes, hydration belt, old OLD shoes...=)

Surprisingly good run this morning! I ran in my old OLD shoes (yes Natty, the ones that are older than 1/2 your children) =) And just took it nice and easy. Hubby and I are hoping to find some shoes tomorrow for me while waiting on the whole Nike thing. But in the meantime, I think these old Air Max Moto's will suffice.
I had to strip the jacket 5 min into the run this morning. I think it was 20* but I'm not sure. It was 24* when I remembered to check it at 8:30 and I started my run at 7, so its just a guess.
With no wind though, it was PERFECT.
I have lately not been pre-mapping my runs but just going out and hitting the pavement for what I think is about 3-4 miles.
I feel like I have lost a bit of my running mojo, so I am hoping some new shoes will help to get that back-and getting my Garmin up and going. =)
Hope you all have a great weekend!

15 days til Christmas!!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Dec 6, 2010 AND Dec 2, 2010

Dec 2, 2010...elliptical 8.3 in 40 minutes

Dec 6, 2010....2.94 miles....31:25....14* no wind....gear: headband, neck gaiter, Chill Chasers LS shirt, under a Tek gear short sleeve shirt, UNDER a LS Tek Gear shirt, jacket, 2 pr gloves, Chill Chaser tights under Fila tights UNDER lined wind pants, tunes

Well, I didnt get my run in this weekend, it was SO cold and windy and we had a really busy weekend. Before today, I hadn't run since last Wednesday and that has been my long running break since August! It felt good to get back out there but this run was definitely a 4 on a 1-10 scale.
I just couldnt seem to get a good rhythm. After the first 8 min, I pulled my neck gaiter off my face to just around my neck...about 15min into the run, I took my jacket off as well and tied it around my waist. From about 15min to 25 minutes, I just felt like I could catch my breath. I think the cold air was really bothering my lungs, so I pulled the neck gaiter back up over my mouth and after 5 minutes that seemed to help, but by then I just wanted to bag the last mile, so I quit early.

So question for you moms out there...what are some of your frugal money saving tips? How about cheap meal ideas? We are trying to work our grocery budget down (including paper products, soaps etc) from 1300 a month to 1000 or less. I know it can be done but I need ideas!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dec 1, 2010

Dec 1, 2010.....2.93 miles in 29:30....18* windchill of 10*....gear: headband, neck gaiter, Chill Chasers LS shirt, under Reebok tech shirt, under LS Tek Gear shirt, jacket, 2 prs cheapie gloves, Chill Chasers tights under Fila tights, short, hydration belt, tunes

I didnt map this run out ahead of time. I woke up pretty late so I didnt know how far I would be able to go this morning, so I just ran a route that I thought would be about 30 minutes long.
this was my last run in my 2009s as hubby is sending them in today. *sigh*
Felt like I was burying an old dog or something. Hoping they will accept the claim and send us a voucher so I can get a new pair.

It did NOT feel like a windchill of 10 today, nor did it really feel windy at ALL when I was out there. I do think I dressed appropriately today. I did have to shed the jacket about 10 min into the run and 1 pair of gloves, but after that, I felt perfect.

Next run on tap is my long run on Saturday, though it wont be very long since I will be running in my old shoes. I am probably only going to do 4-5 miles. HOPEFULLY I will have my garmin by then, so most of the run will be spend playing around with that, I'm sure =)