Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dec 23, 2010...LOVE my Garmin!

Dec 23, 2010....3.9 miles 40:07...27* windchill of 21*. Gear: headband, neck gaiter, Reebok tech ss shirt, ls Tek Gear shirt, jacket, gloves, Chill Chasers, Fila tights, shorts, hydration belt, tunes...and GARMIN!!!

I FINALLY broke open the Garmin box yesterday. I thought it would take hubby awhile to figure it out but he skimmed thru the book and gave it to me and said 'Here. I think YOU need to figure this one out for yourself so you know how to work it'.
GRRR. I knew he was right but I HATE reading directions and trying to figure out how stuff works.
Anyway, I was surprised at how quickly you can set this up and have it ready to go!
I read multiple review before deciding on this one (the Forerunner 305). I cant wait to use the HR monitor with it.
One of the best places to find out all the cool things to do with the 305 can be found HERE
this guy did an EXTENSIVE review on it.

I thought the size, and standard wrist band would bother me but they didnt at all! I did order the velcro wrist band set just incase though. However, I DID wear it over my LS shirt today, so that could have made a difference.

This run felt off to me. I got a horrible nights sleep last night, was slightly dehydrated, took a hilly route, and got off a little too speedy. Seeing my pace the first few minutes of the run in the upper 11s kind of freaked me out so I tried to pick up the pace.
Truthfully, the first 5-6 minutes of my run have probably always been upper 11s and I just never know it. Sometimes ignorance is bliss!

However, next time I go on an easy run I am going to try not to focus on that aspect.
It was fun to just run wherever I wanted and look down and see how far I had gone!

I am excited to use the heartrate monitor on my next elliptical workout.

Now I need to figure out how to get my Garmin info off the watch and on to my 'puter....I think hubby'll HAVE to do that for me. This computer and I have a bit of a rocky relationship and sometimes it bites me when I try to do something new. Hubby however, seems to be the 'Computer Whisperer'. Always good to have one of those in the family. =)


  1. Jealous!!! :-)

    I've got a Garmin on my xmas/birthday list. (Since they are so close together, I usually just pick one bigger item for Santa or hubby to bring.) This year's Garmin will have to come around tax return time...but that's ok, I can wait.

  2. I hate reading directions too!! I am so happy you got your Garmin!! are going to be addicted. I actually like the size, makes it easier to read!
    P.S. That pic was taken by my bro-in-law ha and great job on your 5k PR speedy woman!!!!

  3. Funny thing, as a male member of the populous, reading instructions are against the rules. It is on Page 1 of the rule book in large print, right after "Leave the seat up".

    Have fun with that new toy.

  4. Nej, it was going to be my treat to myself on my 1yr 'runniversary' so i am thrilled to be getting it so soon!
    Janae-it always makes me giggle when super speedy people (like YOU) call me speedy =) *giggle*
    Natty-would the next rule say 'if its not front and center in the fridge, it ain't in there'?

  5. GARMIN!! WOO HOO! Running toys are SO much fun. Did you just love it? =) Did the hr monitor work well? Thanks for the awesome link - can't wait to peruse it. =)

    @Natty - my dh says instructions are just the manufacturer's OPINION of how you should do things.

    Merry Christmas! =)

  6. I just got a Garmin 305 too. Are you loving it?

  7. honestly, it took me a couple runs before i loved my garmin. the first time i took it out i was looking at it the entire time and ended up running way faster than i should have because i liked to see the lower pace numbers....but it really is the best running partner ever!