Friday, December 17, 2010

Stupid Treadmill....

Dec 15 elliptical 32min 7.1 miles

Dec 17 treadmill run 3 miles 32:00

PLEASE tell me treadmills can be 'off' in their distances for time?? I can USUALLY run 3 miles in 30 minutes or less and it felt like I was putting in almost a FULL 5K race effort pretty much the whole time on this run!! Given that my fastest 5K time was 25:30, I have to question this time/distance here...
I am hoping I have not lost that much running fitness!! It had me down in the mouth a bit to be quite honest with you.
But alas, our roads and sidewalks are still coated with the white stuff with that slippery junk hidden underneath and unless I am looking for a winter spent in some type of traction, I would rather not risk it.
I cant BELIEVE how much I am missing running outside.
Registration for the 1/2 I want to run in May has just opened up too. I am nervous to sign up and not be in shape enough to have a 'quality' race. I dont JUST want to complete. I want to complete while feeling like I was prepared and gave all I had.
BUUUUT, I will probably end up signing up anyway and hoping for the best. =)


  1. For sure treadmills can be off on their distance. It sounds like yours is - I always run faster on a tm than outside and if you're running slower then maybe either a) the tm hates you or b) you hate it or c) your tm's distance is off.

    Sign up! Do it! I dare ya! =)

  2. i always run slower on a treadmill, unless i'm doing interval training. there is something about how running on the belt changes the feeling of running for me...i sweat up a storm at what is normally an "easy" pace. but don't worry, i can run on a treadmill (at much slower paces) for two or more weeks, but the moment i get back outside my normal speed is right there waiting for me. it is frustrating to see those numbers though!

  3. You could get some chains for your new Nikes when they get there. I have seen them in the stores, and kinda laugh about them, seein' as how we get snow measured in "'How long do ya think this will last? Noon?' 'Maybe.'" And our kids learn to build snowmen in the rain as the snow melts. But, you might find a use for them.

    I'm lucky I can run indoors on a 1/14th mile track...yeah that's fun.

  4. Thanks guys =) Natty, I am seriously thinking about making some screw shoes! However, w/ my new Air Max's (whenever I get them), that may be tricky as I dont want to pop the bubble...hmmm
    And wow that's, um, QUITE a track....

  5. See you at the run in May, Anna! We have 4 months to's "only" 13.1... ;o)

  6. What half in May are you running in???? I'm pretty sure I'm doing Lincoln's on the 1st.

    I seem to run at a pretty decent clip on a treadmill...and then when I see my average pace when I'm done, I'm confused. I seem to put out more energy, to get not nearly as far!!

    I was out walking this weekend (while xmas shopping) and nearly wiped out countless times...I just can't get up the nerve to run in the treadmill it is. :-)

    I bought screws this weekend to make myself some screw shoes. Going to work on them this week, to try them out this weekend. :-)

  7. Andrea-I plan to start my training plan after the New Year-so excited!
    Nej-yep, doing Lincoln! Andrea, is that what you are doing too? If so, we 2 should try to meet up and say 'hi'! My hubby may be running it with me too. On ZERO training. Cuz he's cool like that =)
    I plan to run on the streets in my neighborhood tomorrow as they look totally clear, but the sidewalks are another story =)
    Cant wait to hear how your screw shoes turn out-I'll need pictures too!! =)