Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dec 1, 2010

Dec 1, 2010.....2.93 miles in 29:30....18* windchill of 10*....gear: headband, neck gaiter, Chill Chasers LS shirt, under Reebok tech shirt, under LS Tek Gear shirt, jacket, 2 prs cheapie gloves, Chill Chasers tights under Fila tights, short, hydration belt, tunes

I didnt map this run out ahead of time. I woke up pretty late so I didnt know how far I would be able to go this morning, so I just ran a route that I thought would be about 30 minutes long.
this was my last run in my 2009s as hubby is sending them in today. *sigh*
Felt like I was burying an old dog or something. Hoping they will accept the claim and send us a voucher so I can get a new pair.

It did NOT feel like a windchill of 10 today, nor did it really feel windy at ALL when I was out there. I do think I dressed appropriately today. I did have to shed the jacket about 10 min into the run and 1 pair of gloves, but after that, I felt perfect.

Next run on tap is my long run on Saturday, though it wont be very long since I will be running in my old shoes. I am probably only going to do 4-5 miles. HOPEFULLY I will have my garmin by then, so most of the run will be spend playing around with that, I'm sure =)


  1. I was going to ask which shoes, but then I didn't have to. It will be OK, you will find the new shoes aren't that bad. Why are you going to run your LR in your old shoes, which by the way are older than half of my kids? I may have to get my wife a pair of gloves, she didn't like my Army wool inserts. But, I figure for $3 a pair they are perfect. I assume that you will be running either very early on Saturday or during the game so that you are all alone on the roads. Or will you be yelling at the TV too?

  2. Brrrr....that's pretty cold.

    I noticed when It was in single digits here (rarely does it ever do that) that i could remove a jacket after warm up, but still had on 2 shirts and a face fleece thing. Frozen eyelashes!

    You should post some pics of the tundra wear :)

  3. New shoes and a garmin. WHOOT! Running toys are sooo fun. =)

    When I read all you were wearing I thought "Holy cow it's got to be cold there...." and then I realized I had no idea *where* you were so I looked and it's NEBRASKA! Brrrrrrrrrr baby! That's freezing right there.

    Another homeschooling running Mama. How cool is that? We're going to take over the world with our awesomeness.

  4. Did you wear your buff? I want to buy one, but not sure if the knock-offs will be thick enough.

    Keeley - I'm a homeschooling, running Mama as well! Super Friends, UNITE! ;o)

  5. Natty-I missed the weekend run, and I am still running in my broken Nikes, keep forgetting to have hubby send them back *blush* and I leave the tv yelling to my dad =)
    ERG- I should! I looked quite 'puffy' today. You couldnt tell if I was a runner or an Adidas marshmallow! =)
    Keeley-yep, it gets downright chilly here, but so far, I have been able to run at least 3x a week, so I feel blessed about that. Good to meet another homeschool running momma!!
    Andrea-I wore my Columbia neck gaiter I got a Scheels for $8. Works well. I may try doubling up the buffs next time just to see what that does. I think if you double up the knock-offs, it will be fine, but havent tried it yet.