Friday, December 10, 2010

Dec 10th and Dec 7th

Dec 7th...elliptical 8 miles 38 min

Dec 10th 3.76 mi, 37:27....20* no wind....gear: headband, neck gaiter, Reebok tech shirt under LS Tek Gear shirt, jacket, gloves, Fila tights, shorts, tunes, hydration belt, old OLD shoes...=)

Surprisingly good run this morning! I ran in my old OLD shoes (yes Natty, the ones that are older than 1/2 your children) =) And just took it nice and easy. Hubby and I are hoping to find some shoes tomorrow for me while waiting on the whole Nike thing. But in the meantime, I think these old Air Max Moto's will suffice.
I had to strip the jacket 5 min into the run this morning. I think it was 20* but I'm not sure. It was 24* when I remembered to check it at 8:30 and I started my run at 7, so its just a guess.
With no wind though, it was PERFECT.
I have lately not been pre-mapping my runs but just going out and hitting the pavement for what I think is about 3-4 miles.
I feel like I have lost a bit of my running mojo, so I am hoping some new shoes will help to get that back-and getting my Garmin up and going. =)
Hope you all have a great weekend!

15 days til Christmas!!!!


  1. Hope yo get those shoes soon! I know they will supply some mojo :) Great job in the (Brrrrrrr)cold.

  2. Thanks. I actually dont mind the 10-20 degree temps as long as there is no wind!

  3. 20* is C-C-C-C-COLD!

    Not to be mean or anything, I'm going to the Nike Employee store on Sunday morning to get some new kicks for myself and my neighbor, and some other stuff. If you lived closer than 3 states away...

    When is your next race? I know putting them on a calendar helps me to get excited to go out in the mornings. I am going to get a one for me and the Mrs, so we can both write our stuff down. That will help the mojo out.

  4. Next race-My first 1/2 on May 1st!

    And you are just plan mean, Natty. Mean.

  5. I mean plain, PLAIN mean. See how you've effected me with your taunting, Natty?! I cant even spell strait!!

  6. hope you get that running mojo back! i totally lost mine on wednesday when an 8 mile run resulted in a 1 mile fail! but a little sunshine today and we're back in business.

    when do you get the garmin?

  7. New shoes and could you not get your mojo back with that duo? :-) :-)

    I haven't run since Tuesday of last about losing the running mojo. Gotta get back to it...stat!!!!