Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dec 14th, 2010....and Dec 13th

Dec 13, 2010 7.1mi 33 minutes

Dec 14, 2010 2.9mi 30minutes TREADMILL run!

Ok, so first time running on the treadmill. Definitely going to take some getting used to, but I am so thankful my neighbors are letting me use theirs! Its in their heated garage, so I dont even need to bother them to use it. Perfect.
Still using my old shoes, BUT we did finally send the Nikes in on Friday! We went to Finish Line and I tried on some 'grown up' Air Max 2010 and they definitely feel different from the 'kid' Air MAx 2010's that I bought. The grown upie ones feel more like my old 09's, so I am thrilled that if Nike gives me a voucher, I have shoes I can buy that will work!

I am hoping to run a few times a week over the next few weeks until I can get some new kicks. Hopefully the balmy 35* that is forecasted for the middle of the week will melt the snow and ice and I can throw down on some pavement!


  1. awesome neighbors! that's so awesome that they let you come and run on their treadmill. hope you get your new shoes soon!

  2. Awesome neighbors!!!!!!!!! :-)

  3. What a godsend! I am very happy for you. :) Now...for the shoes. Soon!!

  4. I agree. The guy who is lives there also snow blows our driveway and sidewalks sometimes! AND he told hubby he can get in the garage and get the snow blower whenever he wants!
    I cant WAIT to get some new shoes =)

  5. GREAAT RUNS!!!! Get those shoes:) Yay, for treadmill runs wahoo. Hope the snow melts!