Monday, December 27, 2010

I've been tagged!!

Something about being tagged by another blogger makes me feel so....what's the word....obligated? Ha! Just kidding, Natty =)
Natty over at RUNNING POTATO (check him out-funny guy) tagged me with this 'lets-get-to-know-a-little-about-our-running-blogger-friends-shall-we?' thread. So here it goes!
Thanks Natty!

1. Most fond running accomplishment of 2010? (shouldn't that say 'fondest'? Anyway...)
........Considering I have only been running since July, every time I RUN is an accomplishment! But if you want something a little more concrete, it would have to be hitting a sub30 5K which for some reason I thought was about as far out of reach for me as a candy bar on my roof.
Also, running enough to fit into these puppies (see below).

These are a pr of size 4T little girls stretch leggings. NOW they are mommas running capri's! Reduce, reuse, recycle right? I am pretty proud that I can fit into them.

AND that I can rock a fuzzy sock like NObody's business!

2. What are 2011 running goals?
....wellllllll, not many actually. I want to run (and will soon be signing up for) the Lincoln 1/2 marathon which is the first weeknd of May. If I can make it through that feeling slightly better than a 1/2 set bowl of Jello, then I would like to run the Omaha 1/2 marathon in September. I am hoping to sprinkle some 5K's and 10K throughout. I would like to get to a point where I can run 4-5 days a week. Also, hoping to get my tempo runs to a point of where my fastest mile in there is a sub8. Nothing like speedy Janae, but it would be enough for me. (Seriously, check out Janae's blog, she is 10 kinds of awesome and super funny)

3. Favorite race
......This is a hard one. I have run 3 'official' 5K races (more about #4 later).
My first 5K ever was end of Aug this year and I ran it in 32:19. Fond memories just due to it being my first.
Second race was Race for the Cure, Oct 3 (picture below). I LOVED that one due to the ENORMOUS crowd. What a rush. Ran that one in 29:00 and was GASTED WITH FLABBER that I got a sub30 on my 2nd 5K EVER.

Third race was Oct30 and was a favorite as it was my first race to run with my hubby. AND I got to meet a fellow Daily Miler there (Keeley, pictured below) who is AWESOME. AND I PR'd at 27:30 (picture below).

HOWEVER, my FAVORITE race was one I ran all by myself.
I am a member of the Runner's World forum and one of the forumites there put on a 'Virtual Turkey Trot'. Basically, you pick your distance and run it on Thankgiving as if you are in a race. So I picked 5K and I ran it like a pack of wolves (or children trying to steal my candy) were hot on my heels. I mean, snot flying, gasping for air, foaming at the mouth, kind of racing. I was ON IT. I stopped my watch at the end....25:30!!! I was FLOORED.
Very much gasted with flabber yet again.
I even came home and re-mapped it on mapmyrun, zooming in so close I think I could see someone nose hair, and yep, 3.1. So THAT was my favorite race.

3. Favorite holiday guilty pleasure.
.....ok, definitely this.
Puppy chow. And I EAT it like a rabid dog. The term 'ugly eat' would fit appropriately here.
Last question...
4. Most embarrassing running moment
....Well considering I have not been running long, I dont have any. Yet.
But given my track record for clumsiness and generally being innately awkward, I am sure it will come in due time.
Stay tuned.
I get to tag 3 fabulous people! And the winners are.....*DRUM ROLL*
I was gonna tag Kara Goucher, but I don't think she has time to play these little Blog-land games, being that she is so busy running her little 15 mile runs as a 6:22 pace and all.
And Janae, was gonna tag you too, but you are like, 11.1 degrees of awesomeness ahead of me, and I would hate to pull you backwards. BUT if you feel like hangin' with the slow joes for awhile, then feel free to participate!! =)


  1. I just love your write-up and that you can fit into those leggings!!!! You rock!

    Really, you are amazing to have dropped that much time off your 5K. You don't already run 4-5 days a week? You can be there soon!

    OK. I will play as soon as i get my house in order. Promise!

  2. ERG has been tagged twice now!!! Hmm, must be because she rocks.

    Yeah, I don't embarrass easily, so I might be an OLD man before it happens.

    You crushed that Turkey Trot--there are times when I long to return to the Loop, but then I go and look around and I see people are STILL having issues with the software, so, I'm good.

  3. Yeah!!! It's an honor to be tagged on your blog! I'll have to work up a post either today or tomorrow. How fun!!!!! :-)

    By the way, completely jealous of the 4T tights. I could use each leg as an arm warmer. (giggle)