Sunday, November 28, 2010

Retiring my first pair of running shoes...*sigh*...

*edited this post w/ this picture so you can see my shoe from the side...then you can tell me if that shoe in the link below is the same as mine!* =)
I'd be lying if I didn't say I was a little disappointed. I have had these shoes since July, but I have ONLY used them for running (and a couple of biking sessions) and they only have about 220 miles on them.
Also, my legs and joints have felt fine. But yesterday, for SOME reason I happened to look at the bottom of them and saw this.
I dont know how long the heels have looked like that, or how long the right heel has had that hole. That hole has essentially popped the air 'bubble' that these have in the sole/heel and has pretty much wiped out any heel support on that side. Odd since I have been running fine with them with no trouble, so I really wonder if they have been that way for a while and I just haven't noticed? I really REALLY like these shoes and want to get another pair, but I dont want to pay $160 for a pair of shoes that are only going to last me 200-250 miles.
I found these online NIKE AIR MAX

but I dont know if they are the same was my shoes or not, but wow, what a savings!!

I know it may not be wise, but I am going to try to run in these this week (all easy miles) and see how I feel...I feel like I have shelled out a lot of money the last few weeks on various things and dont want to throw down another $160 for a pair of shoes!
*edit to say: I think I found some HERE!!


  1. Um, I'm going to recommend a new pair. I just did a quick comparison on a couple of sites. That is a great price on those shoes. It might be worth it to your feet and legs to get faster shipping. It doesn't look like they have a huge selection of sizes there though. Good luck.

  2. Well, they DID have a size 7 which is what I wear, but I just dont know if they are exactly my shoes. I *HEART* my shoes.
    I should take a side picture of my shoes for you guys. From the side, the area above my sole is all see thru...also the upper of my shoe is not really mesh but more of a thin plasticy feeling overlay...hmmm....
    Also, did you see anywhere on there was shipping cost was? I couldnt see anything about that...

  3. Ok Natty, I added a side view...what do you think?

  4. Ah Ha! I found why the prices are half of US prices...


    Upon receiving your order, we will begin processing it which takes on average within 36hours. Your product will then be shipped out, and a tracking number will be available at your account. Shipping takes 5-7 business days. Shipping is made via EMS from China.
    In some instances, there may be a customs charge applied to your package (very rare). This is the buyer's responsibility.

    I would be suspicious of these at this point. I know that the shoes are "Made in China" anyway, but this may be a knock-off site. Even if it isn't, the soonest you would see the shoes would be 8 days from order placement.

    Have you looked at the Air Pegasus? I'm giving up on my Air Zooms and going back to them on my next pair. They typically run about $80 and you can get them today.

  5. After looking at the site further I decided to steer clear of them =(
    Apparently Nike is phasing out the 2009's and replacing them w/ the 2010...I tried on and bought some 2010's today (kids section-gotta love the cheaper prices!) but dont LOVE them the way I did the 2009s...I tried on the Lunarglide too and HATED those felt like they were way to narrow for my I am going to keep these 2010 but keep looking for the next 5 days or so and see what I can find.
    I DID wear the old shoes to the mall and ran in the parking lot w/ them and didnt even NOTICE the heel. However when I speed walk, I really notice it, so I dont think I really strike w/ that part of my heel, I think I strike more towards the fore-heel if that makes sense =)
    So I may still run in them this week and know that I will be getting some new shoes by this weekend at the latest.
    Are the pegasus and zooms nikes? Havent heard of them...

  6. i would recommend that you find a local running store. i've never paid more than $135 at a running-specific store (my current shoes were $90) and they always fit you into a shoe that fits properly and takes my stride into consideration. my shoes have all lasted for at least 500 mile and sometimes they last much longer than that. totally worth it and it takes all the guess work out of it.

  7. I have thought about that Dawn...I guess I'm a little gun shy. These Nikes have worked SO wonderfully and I have had no injuries, so I am worried about getting a WHOLE different shoe and having something go wrong...

  8. Anna, yes the Zooms and the Pegasus are both Nike's. I was thinking this morning as I was driving all over the place, do you use your running shoes for walking as well? Or is the speed walking you mention part of your warm-up/cool-down routine? It sounds like you do strike more forward, which is good, so maybe you can get away with a less expensive shoe. I would go to the local store and spend some quality time with them. It was worth it to my wife.

  9. I only use them for running though I do do a 5 min walk 'warm up' and a 5 min walk 'cool down' for every run. I think what I love about the Nikes is the cushioning that air pocket gives me, for some reason I have it in my head that that is what has helped my joints stay injury free =) Talked to Nike, I'll have to update about that...