Saturday, November 20, 2010

Nov 20, 2010

Nov 20, 2010 Saturday
10 miles....1 hour 41 minutes 45 seconds (10:10 pace)....34*, windchill of 24* (BRRR.)...location: Lake Z....gear: headband, buff, tshirt, LS shirt, gloves, jacket, FILA tights, shorts, hydration belt, tunes

First off...TEN miles!!!!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!! WOO HOOO!!!!!!!! YEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAWWWW!!!


Ok, now that I got that out of my system.... =)
Today was CHILLY! The wind is a killer-and it really wasn't even that windy!
Hubby ran with me today and we drove over to Lake Z for our run. This is my first time running there (except for my race on Oct 30).
I told him to run at his own pace today so his legs wouldnt get so tired of shuffling along =) So he would stride way out ahead of me sometimes and then walk til I caught up with him. This seemed to help him. (After we got done, he STILL had to go play some bball w/ some highschool kids! This guy is a MANIAC I tell ya!)

I got up at 730 this morning and decided to just go ahead and eat something. I was craving corndog nuggets, so that's what I had.
Yep, I am the poster boy, or girl, for running nutrition =)
I had no ill effects from eating pre-run so I was happy about that.
We started our run a little after 10am. Super gloomy out, chilly, and windy. Lovely.

There were several times the first hour where I just felt sluggish. And that lovely wind wasn't helping any. About 50 minutes in, my right hammie started talking to me, then my right knee joined in. Then my left shin was obviously feeling a little left out. But I opened my stride up for a few mintues and that seemed to hush them up in a hurry. HA! Take that!!

Its AMAZING how quickly you get chilly when you stop running. I was almost too cold to stretch before getting in the car, but knew that would be a big mistake so I toughed it out and got it done.
After all, I HAD just thrown down 10 miles in 24* windchill, so I could handle a little nippiness for 5 minutes to stretch.
This was the first run I have worn my jacket for. I debated not even wearing it but when I got out of the car at the Lake I thought 'Weeeeeelllllll, it is windy AND chilly....I'll just wear it and tie it around my waist in 5 minutes', but I wore it for a good portion of the run, taking it off and on when I felt the need. I was VERY thankful I had it.
And the frugal side of me loves that it was only $4 at the local thrift store!! WOO HOO!!

Sacrificed another pair of gloves to the road today. Thankfully it was only a pair of those 'buy-2-for-a-dollar' variety so no big loss. Will have to make a trip to Target to get some more.

This upcoming week I will either do a 4 or 5 on Monday, then I am debating on my middle of the week schedule. I usually do 3 mi on Wed and 2 on Thursday but I am taking part in a virtual 5K on thanksgiving, so I dont really want to switch those 2 runs around (the 3 and the 2), so I may just do a 5 on Monday and the 5K on Thursday (if I have a little gas in the tank, maybe I'll add another mile onto the end of it)...then I plan to run ELEVEN miles on Saturday!!
If I'm not feeling it, I'll back that long run down to an 8 or a 9. I wasnt planning on taking any cutback weeks until after I reach 13.1 for my long runs, but I'll try to be nice to my body and listen to what its telling me.

Sometimes though, I'm hard of hearing.....



  1. Congrats on finishing 10 miles on such a cold day! Brr!!!

  2. Wahoo great job on your 10 miler! That is such a great feeling. I am such a wuss and hit the treadmill when it is that cold! You are hardcore.

  3. I felt sort of hardcore, Hungry Runner. I think I may have even rocked the air guitar a time or two.... =)

  4. Girl you do not have a jiggly bootie...heck, you just ran ten miles! P.S. Calories don't count on holidays so have them on Thanksgiving!

  5. I've walked around Lake Z a few times...but never run it. I'm going to have to start adding it to my list of places to run on the weekends!! :-)

  6. Hungry Runner-yeah, my bootie isn't TOO terribly jiggly, but my lower abdomen is a WHOLE 'nother story. Those 5 babies really did a number on me. I think I could hide small children in those flaps of skin!

  7. Nej-I actually didnt like running around Lake Z very much...maybe it would be different if it wasnt such a gloomy day. And windy. And cold.
    I think if I were to run it in the Spring when there were alot more runners there, i would enjoy it more. I actually LOVE running in neighborhoods and busy roads-I love all the activity =)

  8. wow! congrats on the 10 miler. i love running 10 miles. mainly because people are appropriately impressed when you say, "i just ran 10 miles." its a good feeling. goood work girl!!!