Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sept 1, 2 and 3

Sept 1 Elliptical 35:00 7.75mi
upper body weights
planks (90, 80, and 70 seconds)
5 sets of man push ups 7,7,7,7,10
300 crunches

Sept 2 Elliptical 30:00, 6.7mi

Sept 3 5.79mi run, 1:03:30 (10:57 avg pace) Splits 1(10:37) 2(10:20) 3(10:35-we picked up another runner here) 4(11:14) 5(11:18) .79(11:51-we walked about the last .10 miles of this-forgot to stop my watch, oops!)
............Ran this run around a local lake that is pretty popular with runners. (The pic at the top of my home page is a picture of one arm of the path on this trail)

Was to meet up with a friend at 6:30, run 2 with her, and then meet back up with another group to run 4-5 at 7am.

Meet up with my friend at 6:30 and it was raining pretty good with lots of lightening. there were runners coming from every direction to seek shelter under the eaves of the bathroom building. The parking lot was pretty packed at 6:30, that was kind of cool.

So we sat in her car and chatted (she didnt want to run in the rain which I was cool with. It was great to catch up). Then I saw my friend at 7 and got out and ran almost 6 miles with her (around mile 2.7 we saw another friend of mine who joined up with us).
I really like running wih other people but I think the bigger the group, the better so I can have a chance to catch my breath while other people talk =)
It started to really pour while we were running and I actually really enjoyed it! HARDCORE BABY!! =)

I am hoping to run again either Labor Day morning if my knees give me the go-ahead, or Tuesday morning.