Sunday, November 14, 2010

It is finished.

*This was me eating my post-run meal...ok not really, but close.....* =)

Nov 14, 2010....9.3 miles....1 hour 29 minutes 55 seconds (9:40 pace)...34*...gear: LS shirt, tshirt over top, Fila tights, shorts, gloves, headband, hydration belt, tunes

Well lads and lassies, I did. Oh yes, I did. I just completed my first training plan.

Hal Higdon's 15K Novice plan.


I may have looked a little like these ladies when I was done w/ the run.....


I was quite put out yesterday by the snow and ice and what-not, and was hopeful that today would be a day condusive to running and by golly it was!

Got started around 7:05 this morning. It was 34* out. Chilly at the beginning but I warmed up quite nice as I got started. I knew where the 5 mile mark was and planned to be there around 55 minutes into my run. Ended up around 52 minutes. Eh. Not too bad.

This was an odd run. Usually when I get warm, I can take my LS shirt off or pull my sleeves up and I'm good for the rest of the run. TODAY, I had to take my gloves off and on a few times and the sleeves were racking up the frequent flier miles as well. Weird.

After mile 5, I was feeling pretty good, so I upped the tempo a wee bit and threw a few fartleks in there whenever I felt.

Finished up in under an hour and a half. I was SUPER thrilled with that time.

Got home, and after 10minutes of stretching I was STARVING. As in 'I'm gonna ugly-eat' kind of starving.

I was thankful the kiddos were done w/ breakfast when I got home so they didn't have to bare witness to the serious scarfage going on in the kitchen.
I could have given Kobayashi a run for his money....ok, not quite, that guy is a MANIAC!!
Which brings me to my last point. Just because you are HUNGRY enough to THINK you can eat a near-3lb plate of food, doesn't mean you should.
'Nuff said.


  1. Ha! I get that kind of hunger the following day. :) Usually all I can hack for after run eating is something small...but that night/next day is catch up! Great work on the LR and finishing the plan. Woo-hoo!

  2. Nice run and congrats on finishing the training plan!! :)

  3. congratulations! i personally think that sticking to a training plan is way harder than crossing the finish line. so take time and celebrate your accomplishment!!

  4. lol on the food warning/disclaimer. so true. i often find myself over-eating after a race and then i'm like wait, i didn't really run far enough to warrant all this!

    congrats!!! huge congrats are in order :)

  5. Thanks guys =)
    I cant WAIT for my 10 miler on Saturday. Hubby is going with me again too =)