Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday success

I battled the masses and survived to tell about it!

Truthfully, I probably missed the crowds like the one below as I didnt get started until afte 7 am. I kind of kicked myself about it too as the super crazy people usually shop the 5-6am time frame, BUT I was very thankful as I missed a lot of the long lines....
-Love how stripped shirt lady is using the cart handle as a boob holder.
Here is the running related loot I got...
The black 1/4 zip is a C9 from Target. They were $7.99 BUT I shopped the little girls' sectiong and got this one for $4.79!
I got another pair of Chill Chasers stretch tights (I call them tights, but apparently they are ACTUALLY 'underwear' according to the package, but let's ignore that, shall we?) I also got a Chill Chasers LS shirt to use as an extra insulating layer when it gets cold. Chill Chasers are made to keep ya warm AND wick away mositure-gotta love it!
ShopKo also had a great deal on their gloves. Those Thinsulate mittens are normally $19.99 but I got them on sale for $7.99! They have a little zip pocket to put the warm gel packet thing-a-ma-bob, but I will most likely use it to store some extra tissue in. Can never have enough tissue! I also like the fact that the mittens have 'gloved fingers' on the inside.

Menards was actually the first place I stopped and I got a whole bunch of those cheapie gloves and beanie hats ($.48 each) if I loose some, or if my girls steal them, then I'll have back ups. Menards at 8am was C to RAZY!! Good golly! I can't imagine what it would have been like at 5am.

So after all that shopping (I went to 5 retail stores) I decided to swing by the Goodwill that is just minutes from my house. Apparently Black friday is the day to shop there as there was only 4 or so other people there. Usually its pretty packed anytime I go.
I am always on the lookout for things I can use for running (pants, shorts, shirts etc) and almost ALWAYS come up empty handed.
Not today.

Found this GREAT pair of Nike Dri-Fit running tights for $3 and change!!

All 3 shirts are Reebok, like NEW and all dry-fit fabric. They all fit me to a tee. They were each $3.50

Tank tops! Love tank tops. All are dry-fit as well, We have a Russel Sport, C9 and Nike. The pink one was $3.50, the other 2 were $1.99 each!

Great shopping day =)
Excited to try out some of my new gear on my long run tomorrow


  1. Woman you scored!! I LOVE the running tights..oh I am just so happy for you:) P.S. You better make up for the lack of pie at Christmas time:)

  2. super impressive! i'd never thought to look a)in the little girls department or b.) goodwill for running digs. you are my new inspiration!

  3. Yep, hit the jackpot. Of course all that did was fuel the spendy-yet-frugal monster inside me and instantly I wanted to hit every thrift store in town...BUT I refrained so that I could come home and make lunch for my crew =) And trust, I will SO make up for the absent pie. If not, no Village Inn within a 10 mile radius will be left with any banana cream or french silk pie.
    Dawn-I always try to look at thrift stores first. I am on a pretty tight budget for my running stuff, so I usually like to make due with what I have. Plus I figure, why pay $25 for a shirt that I might be able to find at a thrift store for $3 or $4?
    Also, I dont know when I discovered that I could shop in the girls' dept. but it has save me some dough! I usually wear the size 14/16 in shirts. Check it out!

  4. Nice scores! My goodwill has NO good athletic wear. I think they are shipping it all to Nebraska. LOL actually, I think that the Eugene people are buying it all before i get in there.
    Wish I could wear the girls stuff- too short for me.
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Wow, that was a great score! It is hard to find good deals on workout clothes, that is awesome!

  6. I really need to follow you around Goodwill....and steal your stuff when you aren't looking. Those are some great finds!!!!! Way to go!!!!