Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nov 11, 2010

Nov 11, 2010....2 mi run at recovery pace (21:20, so not quite but close) then home for 14 min on the elliptical (3mi)....31* no wind....gear: Fila tights, shorts, LS shirt with a TekGear tshirt on top, gloves, Northface headband, knock-off Buff and music (gotta have my tunes!)

31* out, but thankfully, with no wind it was quite beautiful.
Got started around 6:50. It was quite chilly over night and a slighty damp day yesterday, so there was quite a bit of frost everywhere-beautiful.
These recovery runs are BOOOORING though. I can hardly call it a run, though both my feet are off the ground at the same time, so I guess 'TECHNICALY' its running. But I think that's why my recovery 'runs' are a little faster, as after running S...L...O....W for the first 6 minutes or so, I just HAVE to up the pace just a WEE bit to make me feel like I am actually DOIN' somethin'! =)
An awesome friend from Daily Mile, Monica, sent me the knock-off 'Buff' headgear that is pictured below.
It is SO veratile.

You can wear it around your neck to keep your neck warm (this is what I did about 5 minutes into my run).

Or pull it up over your mouth as a face mask (what I did during my warm up walk and the first 5 min of my 'run').

Or pull it over your head for a 'Driving Miss Daisy' look....

OR pull it up over your mouth for more coverage...
Do I look like a ninja? I do, don't I. Its ok, you can say it. Rockin' the inner ninja, paisley-style....

However, this is my favorite way to wear it...a headband.
there are a few videos on youtube that show that it can also be worn as a beanie and a bandana, or a scrunchie. Love this thing.
On a food note, I have decided to try to forgo my nightly HUGE bowl of oreo ice cream and have a 'sensible' bowl of apples and cinnamon oatmeal instead. This is a big step for me as I am a big fan of my nightly ice cream. And my eating habits are ANYTHING but sensible. So if I can make this one small change, then maybe it will trickle down to the rest of my eating habits.
Or I'll end up eating the oatmeal and THEN the ice cream...


  1. I love Buffs!!!! I didn't take mine out with me today, but that weather is coming soon I'm sure.

    I ate my LAST huge bowl of air popped popcorn while watching TV last night. The popcorn isn't so bad....but when we pop it ourselves, it inevitably ends up covered in butter and salt.


  2. i have yearned after buffs for almost an entire running partner had one last year and was always raving about it. especially when it was cold enough to produce a solid nose drip. then it also doubled as a snot rag. gross, but helpful :)

    good work on the workout. and good luck with switching the ice cream out for oatmeal :)

  3. Inner Ninja or inner bank robber? You look like you could join the James Gang and hold up a Wells Fargo Stage.

    Good luck on swapping ice cream for oatmeal. I like my oatmeal with brown sugar baked on top of apples with crushed up graham crackers under the apples.

  4. Sounds like you'll get a lot of use out of your new buff - 31 is chilly and I guess that's only the beginning. The ice cream sounds good, but I like apples and cinnamon oatmeal, too. Good switch!

  5. So I need your chicken and dumplings recipe!! Love the cute pictures:) Good luck with your ice cream are a brave woman!!!

  6. Love the driving miss daisy look :) Way too cute!
    We only dip below freezing every now and then in the winter. Today I wore shorts with a thin LS top and my reflective vest. No hat.
    WTG on the recovery run :)

  7. Love how versatile it is!! What fun pictures. :)

    Thanks for following my blog, and now I'm following yours! We can help to motivate each other!

  8. Thanks guys! this is actually a buff knock-off that a sweet lady on Daily Mile sent me. I am thinking of getting the Polar buff for the super chilly days...
    hungrygirl-I'll get you the recipe-super easy!!

  9. really. Go back up and look at that you REALLY think it could ever be guilty of anything more wrong then stealing halloween candy from its children? =)