Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nov 10, 2010

Nov 10, 2010...3 mile tempo run-28:00....temp 56 with 8 mph winds....gear: thin LS shirt, tank top, shorts, music, hydration belt

Beautiful morning. I love getting up a little earlier now that we have more light in the morning. Started my run around 6:50.
The first mile (which was my warm up mile) felt pretty sluggish. I picked up the pace for a fast tempo for the 2nd mile and could NOT believe that I ran it in 8:15! I backed the pace down again for 2 minutes and then picked it up back up a little and ran the last mile in it went down like this:
0-1 mile: 11:00 (warm up)
1-2 mile: 19:15 then slowed way down for 2 minutes until 21:15
2-3 mile: 28:00
It felt great to push it a little harder today.

I haven't done any ab work or weights this week. I think I either slept wrong sunday night or tweaked something in my neck and upper back and it bothered me enough the beginning of the week that I didnt want to risk it hurting more.
However I think I am ok enough to start up again tomorrow.

So, here was my breakfast this morning. I am NOT a breakfast foods kind of gal. Give me a big bowl of chili over eggs and waffles anyday =)
This is some teriyaki asian stirfry I made. Super easy.
Dice boneless skinless chicken breast and cook until done. Remove from pan. Add 1-2tbps of oil to hot pan and add bag of frozen asian stir-fry veggies. Cook about 8minutes (less if you want your veggies more crisp-I like mine REALLY tender). Add chicken back to pan and as much teriyaki sauce as you like (I usually use a little less than a 1/2 of a cup).
Serve over rice.


  1. Your breakfast looks so good!I would take chili over pancakes etc any day too!! Thanks for sympathizing with me about the mouse! Great job on your work out this morning, it really is so nice now that it is lighter outside!

  2. I like the breakfast my wife makes everyday, which is an english muffin toasted with a little bit of pepper jack, and a basted egg on each half, topped with a little salsa. Super yummy. MY breakfast during the work week, is a cup of yogurt and granola mixed in. All washed down with coffee. The weekends, however, I make pancakes and bacon sometimes with sausage as well, and some eggs. I like breakfast on the weekends.

  3. i'm totally with you on the non-breakfast food for breakfast. in fact i ate leftover fajitas this morning :)

    and i don't know about moving stuff over. i had a friend help me move from wordpress to...well wordpress but a different address. there's a file that you can download which is just an excel sheet of everything. and there's a way to upload it to your new site. i'd try googling it for instructions...or ask someone for help...that's what i do :)

  4. I eat breakfast for dinner....but hardly want to eat it for breakfast!! :-)

    Your picture is making me hungry. (hehehe)

    Welcome to Blogger!

  5. Great job on the run! The stir fry looks sooooooo good!

    Love the new home you have here. Hope you can get all the other posts uploaded. :)

  6. thanks guys!
    Natty-I have to be cautious w/ eggs. I can eat them IN things (like baked goods) but if I am going to eat them as 'just eggs' (like scrambled, boiled etc) I have to eat something right before AND right after, otherwise I get a terrible tummy ache. Bummer too since I LOVE eggs. After having kiddos I can't tolerate them the way I used to be able to =(
    If I cant get the posts moved over, no big deal since the old blog was only about a month old, but thanks guys!