Monday, November 29, 2010

Nov 29, 2010 and Nike update

Nov 29, 2010...3.23 miles in 36 minutes...48* windchill or 43*...gear: headband, buff, LS Chill Chaser under a Reebok tech shirt, gloves, 1/4 zip fleece, gloves, buff, shorts, Chill Chasers tights, hydration belt, tunes and I was WAYYYYYY overdressed!!!

Well, I decided to give a short recovery run a try this morning in my dead shoes and it seemed fine. I didnt even notice the hole at ALL. I have been so used to cold mornings that I was overdressed and was SO wishing that I could have taken off my LS shirt, but I wore it UNDER my tshirt so I was out of luck. Thankfully I was going slow enough that I didn't catch on fire or anything.

So. Hubby called Nike for me today and here's the scoop. I can send the shoes back and file a claim. They will either A) send us a voucher for the price of the shoes when we bought them or B) deny our claim and send the shoes back. BUT all of this will take 21 days.
So I could be without shoes for a month or more.

My dilemma is this...I got a pair of Air Max 2010's yesterday for $89 (gotta love shopping the 'big kid' shoes!) but I dont LOVE them the way I did my 2009s. I am nervous to wear them as I dont think Finish Line would take them back after they have been worn...anyone know?

So my options are this:
1: send the shoes back and use the 2010s in the meantime (will only do if FL would take them back if they didnt work)
2: send the shoes back and were my Air Max's I wore BEFORE I got the 2009s and run all short easy runs (however those are about 6 years old and I was only running 5-8 mpw before I got the 2009s)
3: plunk down $130+ for some new 2009s
4: dont send the shoes back and hope the 2010s work

I know I could get fitted at a running store...would THEY take shoes back if they dont work?
I am just really partial to my nice cushy Nikes...


  1. i'd say definitely return the shoes to nike. in the meantime...i'm not sure what to tell you...

    i don't know much about the return policies for finishline, but one of the things about running stores is that they will take back shoes at any time for any reason. i ran in a pair of brooks for three weeks and when my knee started hurting because of the shoes they took them back and gave me a different pair of shoes (more expensive) than the ones i originally bought and i didn't have to pay the difference. they're in the business of fitting you properly and if you don't like your shoes they will make it right. and, when we took mr. dawn to a running store they fitted him into it doesn't mean that you'd have to give up on the shoes you love. this would all be for "next time" since you can send the shoes back to nike...

  2. Send them back for sure if you don't love them. Great run today:) I think you should get a trainer for your new bike! That is awesome that your neighbors let you use their treadmill!!

  3. The local running stores here in Portland let you return shoes that haven't been completely trashed within the first 30 days or so(at least that is RoadRunner Sport's policy). I haven't had to take them up on it yet, as I have been fortunate that the changes between the years on my shoe have been minimal. I would call FL and see what their policy is on shoes used outside, and send the others to Nike. Nike is in the business of winning customers for life, and they may make things good no matter what.

  4. I think I'm going to send the old ones to Nike...I may end up keeping the 2010s as I have been wearing them a bit in the house today and am warming up to them. Then I could rotate the 2010s and the 2009s (if they send me a voucher)...I am going to contact my LRS and see what their policy is w/ returns as well