Monday, November 22, 2010

Nov 22, 2010

Nov 22, 2010 Monday....4.54 mi recovery run in 50 minutes (11:00 pace)...35 degrees with a windchill of 31*...gear: headband, gloves, buff, tshirt under LS shirt, shorts, Chill Chasers tights, hydration belt, tunes

I debated on going this morning. I got up. Got ready. Went to the front door.
And the ground is all wet. Boo.
I thought with the temps overnight that it would be a sheet of ice out there. So I was waffling between staying home and doing the elliptical or heading over to my neighbors to use thier treadmill. BUT then I decided to plan a different route and head out (my original 4 or 5 mile route had a good amount of hills and I didnt want to risk slipping if there were some ice patches out there). So I did 2- 2.2mi loops around my 'hood, and then some.
It was a bit misty the first 1/2 of the run but not too bad.

I tell ya, I could be one rich 'mutha if I invented a 'runners snot deactivator'...or maybe I just need to perfect the snot rocket.....>shrug< I think I went thru a truckload of tissue on my run this morning.

I dont like running on these gloomy overcast mornings, but was quite perked up by the neighbors in my area who decide that hashbrowns, fried chicken and tacos make good breakfast fare.

Now I just need to figure out which house(s) the smell is coming from and invite myself for breakfast =)


  1. My hubby is a snot rocket master. I always just end up getting it all over my hand...or arm....or leg. (giggle)

    Pass on that address when you figure it out, and we'll both crash breakfast! :-)

  2. In a few weeks you won't need to worry about running noses, the offending substance will freeze before it gets too far from your nose. NE is COOOOOLD in the winter time.

  3. Ohhh, it is sheer torture doing multiple loops around my own hood and keep passing by the house that is frying up bacon!

    If you figure out what to do with all the snot, please don't keep it a secret. I usually arrive home with dried yuck all up and down my sleeves. :)

  4. Nej, I guess that might be a way to keep people from passing me in races, just keep ATTEMPTING to blow snot rockets to my right and left =)
    Natty-if snot freezes then I'll start wearing ice packs on my snooze-the drippy nose is SO annoying!
    Tales-yep, I've passed bacon too...and fabric softener...maybe I can get them to do my laundry while I steal all their bacon =)