Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nov 27, 2010

Nov 27, 2010 Saturday....7 miles...1 hour 19 minutes.....21* no wind....gear: headband, fleece neck gaiter, jacket, LS Tek Gear shirt, short sleeve Reebok (one of my new shirts from my GOODWILL TRIP ), Fila tights, shorts, 2 prs of cheapie gloves, hydration belt, tunes

What a nice morning. It was a bit chilly at 21 degrees, but there was no wind so it really was quite beautiful. I went the same route I did on my last 7 miler. I didnt want to do this same route again as my pace on the last one felt terribly slow to me, and it was a chilly, windy, gloomy day. So it had bad vibes for me. BUT today was a beautiful day so I decided to try it out again.
But here's the funny thing.
My pace was even SLOWER today! I think it happens because the route has a good amount of uphills the first 2-3 miles. BUT I am ok with the pace. According to McMillan, my long runs are suppose to be between 10-11 min (this is according to my newest 5K time which is 25:30 by the way) =) so I went a tad over that, I THINK. Ya see, I unknowingly stopped my timer on my watch during one of my many tissue-to-nose meetings and I THINK it was stopped for between 5-6 minutes, but I dont really know so I am just guessing the time. Could have been faster could have been slower. Oh well.
Almost got chased by a little wienie dog. He was running up a side street at me and I thought about just continuing on but I didnt know if he woudl see that as a challenge and take a chunk out of my calf to prove himself the winner. Also, the 2 elementary kids who were yelling at him and running for all they were worth pushed me onto the side of 'oh just stop for a minute for crying out loud!'. So I did, and little Oscar Meyer rushed up and 'bout wagged his tail off with excitement. Apparently the sight of a sweaty, snotty runner at 8am on a Saturday is his idea of a good time! I held his collar til the boys came and got him, to which they were forever grateful. Or at least grateful for the next 2 minutes or so.
Also forgot my shades so I was squinting for 1/2 this run as the sun was DIRECTLY in my face for the last 1/2 of the race. Which almost landed me flat on my face in a pile of acorns which I didnt see due to the slits with which I was using to view the world.
Must. Remember. Sunglasses.
I wore one of the new Reebok Dri-Fit shirts I got yesterday and YEEEE HAAAAAAWWW! I LOVED it!!
Previously I had been wearing Tek Gear shirts from Kohl's which, since they are called 'Tek' and 'Gear' I assumed they were 'tech' shirts. AND they do say they will wick away moisture. Now, the care label that said '60% cotton, 40% polyester' had me doubting as did the 'cotton' feel of the shirt, but I thought, 'if they say moisture wicking, they must be!'
But I have been noticing since it has been getting colder, that I have been chilly on my runs after I sweat and especially on my walk home (which is about 5-6 minutes). I mean REALLY chilly, and I have a hard time warming up for quite awhile afterwards.
Today? This new shirt? Way way way better. I was not chilly in the LEAST bit during the run or afterwards. So I will save the Tek Gear tshirts/tanks for the spring. They didnt seem to bother me at all in the summertime oddly enough.
I am still SO excited that I got them for such a killer deal and that they fit so well.

My knees were still a bit achy yesterday so I opted to go for 7 today instead of the 11 I planned. That 5K really wiped me out.
But it hurt so good.

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  1. i have heard over and over again, "long runs can't ever be too slow." true, i still obsess over my pace and bemoan when i feel like i've gone too slow...but i really do believe that long runs serve a different purpose than cardiovascular. they are for endurance and mental strength. they help you to get familiar with the distance. i even know a running coach who runs his long runs 4+ minutes slower than he ends up running marathons...and he finished boston last year with an average sub 7 pace!

    so, take heart! long run paces are to be ignored! you finished the miles and did so on tired legs. the workout is a success!