Monday, December 6, 2010

Dec 6, 2010 AND Dec 2, 2010

Dec 2, 2010...elliptical 8.3 in 40 minutes

Dec 6, 2010....2.94 miles....31:25....14* no wind....gear: headband, neck gaiter, Chill Chasers LS shirt, under a Tek gear short sleeve shirt, UNDER a LS Tek Gear shirt, jacket, 2 pr gloves, Chill Chaser tights under Fila tights UNDER lined wind pants, tunes

Well, I didnt get my run in this weekend, it was SO cold and windy and we had a really busy weekend. Before today, I hadn't run since last Wednesday and that has been my long running break since August! It felt good to get back out there but this run was definitely a 4 on a 1-10 scale.
I just couldnt seem to get a good rhythm. After the first 8 min, I pulled my neck gaiter off my face to just around my neck...about 15min into the run, I took my jacket off as well and tied it around my waist. From about 15min to 25 minutes, I just felt like I could catch my breath. I think the cold air was really bothering my lungs, so I pulled the neck gaiter back up over my mouth and after 5 minutes that seemed to help, but by then I just wanted to bag the last mile, so I quit early.

So question for you moms out there...what are some of your frugal money saving tips? How about cheap meal ideas? We are trying to work our grocery budget down (including paper products, soaps etc) from 1300 a month to 1000 or less. I know it can be done but I need ideas!!


  1. sorry, i'm horrible at no help there!

    i had a super windy, snowy run yesterday too. the first 3 miles i felt overdressed, but wow, the wind picked up and tore through all my layers. i love that you keep track of the temp and how comfortable you felt. its probably the best way to figure out how to dress for the elements! i may start to mimic you :)

  2. That's one of the reason I started this blog, was to keep track of my workouts and track what I wear at what temp so I dont over or UNDER dress on future runs-comes in quite handy! =)

  3. That sounds soooo cold!
    OK. We have cut our budget for food bigtime, but there is lots of stuff I am missing. :( The thing is that hubby is doing the grocery shopping in town now- so he decides if we "really" need something or not. It's a blessing and a curse!

  4. Grocery $$ - We have a family of 6, with a 12 and 8yo that eat a TON. I spend about $800/mo for groceries. I do oatmeal/cereal/eggs for breakfast, tuna noodle/homemade pizza/sandwiches for lunch, and we eat a lot of beans/squash/rice and very little meat at supper time. We don't buy pop, chips, or packaged snack such as fruit snacks, granola bars, or cookies. I'm trying to whittle my monthly bill down to $600/mo right now. So HARD!!

  5. Ohh Andrea's good. I second her post. I'm a lot less frugal these days - shame on me. helped a lot. The blog has changed hands since I used it and has lost the comforting homey feel, but the recipes are still there in all their glory. The cheese enchiladas ... oooooohhhh the cheese enchiladas... =D
    As a by-the-by the same lady who originally owned hillbilly housewife also had a homeschool site, Old-fashioned education. It was pretty good, emphasizing free/excessively cheap homeschooling.
    The library will usually have a selection of uber frugal cookbooks that may help you come up with some recipes.
    Like Andrea, we used to have oatmeal or inexpensive cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and something frugal for dinner.
    My menu would also go something like this:

    Monday: meat meal. Like chicken/pot/veg in slow cooker, or beef/pot/veg in slow cooker
    Tuesday: most of the leftover meat with stirfry veggies and rice
    Weds: the small amount of meat that was left with the leftover veggies and maybe some other veggies thrown in made into a soup, with homemade bread.
    Thursday: Something simple and easy. Baked potatoes. Beans and eggs on toast. Grilled cheese sandwiches and a salad.
    Friday: Homemade pizza
    Saturday: junk food night. Lentil burgers or hamburgers, hot dogs.
    Sunday: Spaghetti bolognaise. Always. Every Sunday for the past goodness knows how many years. =)

    Depression cooking with Clara on Youtube is AWESOME!!!!!! Her poorman's meal and Peppers n eggs are sooooo good.

    Ok. Sorry for the monster post. I actually get really excited about this kind of thing. I know. I'm weird.

  6. Thanks guys!
    Keeley, I get excited about it too =) So far this week has gone really good. We went over budget since we bought 22# of hamb meat on sale ($1.88# for 93%!), but that will last us a good amount of time since we usually only use 1-2# of hamb meat a week.
    thanks for your tips guys. We actually are snacky type people but thankfully, I have found we can do snacks pretty inexpensively by buying fresh fruit/veggies on sale and getting some cheap dry snack stuff at Aldi's (chips, graham crackers, raisins etc)...