Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dec 19,2010

Dec 19, 2010 -treadmill run 3.3 mi in 37:00

Nope. You read that right. No need to search for the ol' eye glasses. It really truly took me thirty-seven minutes to run 3.3 miles. At least according to Mr. Pro-Form whom I am starting to doubt.
According to 'above party' I ran my first mile in 13 minutes. I have NEVER run a 13min mile, even when I was new to running, so I am thinking either the treadmill is off, or I just naturally run really REALLY slow on it. As in 'could qualify for the geriatric turtle marathon' slow.

BUT I think I am ok with that now. As long as I am running, I'm not going to be concerned with the numbers it gives me and just try to slow down and ENJOY it.

Even if it DOES tell me that 5.5mph is HARD and even if I am sweating up a storm trying to push 5.8mph...even if 6mph feels LIGHTINING fast....

Any running is better than no running....right?




  1. RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm in the exact same boat. When I see my times after a treadmill run, I jaw hits the ground. Even with it was a million degrees this summer, with 2 million percent humidity, I was running faster that the numbers my treadmill gives me.

    The training plan I'm using (for now) has me running a specific time (30 minutes), not distance...during the week day morning runs. And then a specific distance on the weekend. Which works perfectly with my plan to run inside during the weekday mornings, and outside on the weekend.

    You're running....inside,'re running. That's the important stuff!!!!!

  2. Well, if it were me, having just finished a lovely little 5 miler in the rain this morning, if I were in a snowy area I would have some of these:
    I don't know how good they work, but for $30 if I could run outside and not have to torture myself on the Dreadmill, it would be worth it. I think I would skip lunch for a month to pay for them too. I don't know what that says about me, other than I loathe the treadmill.

    But, good on you for doing the time anyway.