Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Dec 21, 2010

Dec 20, 2010....3.8 miles 38 minutes....34* with a windchill of 27*....gear: headband, neck gaiter, Reebok short sleeve tech shirt, LS Tek Gear shirt, jacket, gloves, chill chasers tights, Fila tights, shorts, tunes, hydration belt.

Good golly, it felt SO good to get back out there today! I looked at the calendar and noticed that it had only been 11 days since my last outdoor run, but it felt like 11 WEEKS!!

I was a bit nervous as it felt like I was running upper 10s, so when I got home and mapped my 38 min run, I was MORE than pleased to see it was an even 10 min mile average pace!!

I am trying to go easy in these old kicks. Petered around the Nike site today and I am narrowing it down to 2 pairs. One is on clearance for $127 and the other is full price-$160. But they LOOK like the exact same shoe-only different color. I'm all about saving $33!! Well, saving it to use on something ELSE =)

I am thinking I shouldnt run any days in a row right now until I get new shoes, so my next run will HOPEFULLY be Thursday if the weather holds out.

Nebraska is being kind to me after all!


  1. Isn't outside so much better than inside? Nice 10 minute pace. I need to get back up to that.

  2. Yay! Boy it's hard to do much but sprints on the treadmill. Good job bundling up and getting out there. <3

  3. Its been GREAT, Natty!!! I dont even think I would mind indoors as long as it was on a TRACK and not a 'dreadmill'.
    thanks Andrea =)