Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dec 25 and Dec 26, 2010

Dec 25, 2010 elliptical-6 miles 29 minutes
Dec 26, 2010 treadmill-2.5 miles 29 minutes.

Boy it sure is funny to look at the difference in those two workouts =)
I used my heartrate monitor for both. It is SO fun to upload the data onto my Garmin Training Center when I am done and see how the workout was!

Yesterday on the elliptical, my max heartrate for that workout was around 155.
Today on the treadmill, my max heartrate was around 175.

And for good reason. Today's workout felt super hard. I have just decided that the treadmill sucks and I am not going to enjoy ANY minutes that I workout on it, but will do it if I HAVE to in order to keep up my running legs.

I dont know if I have posted about the treadmill conditions I work out in, have I?
Well anyway, its my neighbors treadmill and they are awesome enough to let me use it. Its in their heated garage so I dont even need to bother them to use it, just type in the code and let myself in!
However (and I HATE complaining because it is wonderful that I have a treadmill to run on at ALL), this treadmill faces their garage door. So really nothing to look at. But it was nice to be able to look thru the 1' window to the outside. Though all I was looking at was their driveway and passing cars, but at least it was something!
Well now, they have put contact paper over all their windows, so when I am on the treadmill looking ahead, there is basically a wall 18" in front of me which makes me dizzy if I try to look at it.
So today was the first time I ran in there with it like that-AND THEN, my music dies on me!!!! I thought I had a good amount of charge on it, but apparently I didnt. So not only did I run with nothing but a wall to look at, but I also have no MUSIC!!!
I am going to see if hubby can figure out something on his phone so that I can take that over there with me and watch something on there.
I do not wish to bid farewell to this world because I died of boredom on a treadmill.

Also, I got the Nike voucher last Thursday!!!!! They gave me the full retail price ($160) so I went right to that night and order my new 2010's. They said 2-9 business days. What a wide range of time. I would have preferred that delivery time said 'now' or 'now plus 2 minutes' =) I am more than a little impatient to get them.
I think running in the old shoes is finally catching up with me as my shins and ankles have been bothering me a bit =(
I cant decided if I should do one more run in them this week or just wait it out until I get my new shoes....thoughts?


  1. IF your legs are hurting, then they need time off. All there is to it. So you will have to post pics of the new kicks when you get them, probably on Thursday.

  2. So are you thinking I shouldn't run at all this week til I get them, or shouldnt exercise at ALL for awhile...?
    I was going to do the elliptical everyday but Thursday this week (hoped to get out for run since it will be warmer that day).
    Stupid legs....

  3. I'm guessing the eliptical is going to be less impact, so you should be ok in your shoes. The running is probably what's causing the pains?? Keep up with eliptical, and maybe take it easy on the running until they come in. If the pain goes away, then you know it's probably the shoes.

    Just an idea.