Monday, May 6, 2013

The Shuffle Shuffle Drag Tango!

Post Marathon: Day 1-Where Anna walks like a cross between Frankenstein and a 104 yr old grandma...
Hee Hee

Ok, its really not that bad. Yesterday I did a lot of stretching, massaged my legs a few times, did a little rolling-pin rolling and made sure to drink a LOT of water. Oh, and I tried to make sure I got a good amount of protein in.
Got a good nights sleep and I woke up feeling better than I thought I would!

I did an easy 25 min walk on the treadmill at a 3% incline for a whopping .82 miles. Got my HR up to a whopping 80 bpm! 
If a pregnant, two-legged, over weight bear tried to chase me down for a meal today, you might as well slap some jelly on me, cuz I'd be TOAST!

Anyway, I've been doing a lot of stretching today, trying to elevate my legs every now and then, being sure to drink a lot of water, and trying, again, to get a good amount of protein in. I'm still walking wonky (wow try to say that 5 times fast and it ends up sounding like 'wonky wonky'!  HAHA!)  but no where NEAR as bad as yesterday and stairs aren't as loathsome as I thought they'd be!

I spent all day in comfy socks, slouchy old pants and a few comfy shirts (I so dislike being cold and being cold AND sore, would not a party make..

Just found out today that a local guy took this at the race! This is me in the last mile. I was slightly disoriented, dehydrated and thought I smelled bacon somewhere (the hope of that was the only thing that carried my legs along)

Does anyone else save all their race bibs?  Sort of a weird obsession of mine...
So excited to add this one to the pile

And this BY FAR is my favorite medal....

Tomorrow will entail me trying to get a little bit hard of a workout in, maybe a 90 bpm?


  1. Sounds like the perfect post-race recovery plan :)

    1. It's all going swimmingly so far! If it continues, I think I'll be ready for a REALLY easy run on Friday!!