Friday, March 22, 2013

My fav sites Part 2, FITNESS!

My Favorite 'Fitness' websites!

How to Get a 6-pack
>>Some great information here about dieting and workouts

20 Exercises you can do at Home
>>20 easy exercise you can do right at home, some with video demonstration

How to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach
>>HUGE amount of information on this page. Make sure you have time to sit down with this one!

Lose weight but not muscle
>>I was orginally looking for this site last year as I was trying to lose fat but not muscle. I stumbled upon this gem. Its from a mens body-building site I believe, but has SO much great info including nutrition, what type of workouts to be doing, and at what 'levels' to be doing them at

Hierarchy of Fat Loss
>>Lots of great info here. I think this is a body building site as well but has lots of great information on different workout intensities and what they do for your body

Upper and Lower back exercises
>>Lots of examples

What are some of your favorite fitness related websites?

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