Sunday, March 17, 2013

Did I really just do that??

Guess what I did.  Just guess.
Give up?


Oh yes I did.

Oh good grief was it windy yesterday. I think it was around 20mph at the start of my run with gusts over mach 9.
Ok. Slight exaggeration, but it FELT like mach 9.  It was coming out of the north and that's the direction I was running for the first 3 miles. I SERIOUSLY felt like I had someone pulling the back of my jacket those first few miles and the fact that MOST of those miles were up hill did NOT help.

The wind calmed down a WEE bit during my run but was still around 10-15mph for the duration.
I tried a new Gu flavor 'Mandarin Orange'. I was surprised that I kinda sorta liked it! Still doesn't come close to my love for the chocolate flavor though. That has my heart.

I was feeling a bit sluggish and 'heavy' as I consumed calories on Friday like it was my JOB (I literally consumed over two days worth of calories). And topped the day off with a large blizzard from Dairy Queen and ate the WHOLE thing. I normally only eat 1/2 and save the other 1/2 for the next night. So learn from my mistake: eating DOUBLE your daily amout of calories in a day, does not a good run make. Fact.

Still trying to wake up from the food hangover...

One of my favorite, but super short trails to run on. Any local peeps know where this is? Hint: it's near Lakeside!

You have to click on this picture to experience the full magnitude of just how curvy this sidewalk is!

Getting to Lake Z around mile 9 I think...

I love seeing these 'fueling' spots around the lake-water and gatorade!

Yep, we still have a METAL slide in our town! Anyone remember these? You only slid down ONCE in the middle of a hot summer afternoon before realizing that you never wanted to do that again!

This picture made me laugh when I looked at it. This is me leaving the lake after having run 15.5 miles. TIRED. SORE. COLD. READY TO BE DONE.

But I made it another 1.5 miles (had to. Had to get home!)  =)

2/5 of my children were there to greet my tired sore self when I got home. Always brightens my mood =)

This is a cutback week for me now, so I only have 13 to knock out this weekend. And hopefully, if the stars align right, the hubs will get to go with me (he's training for the marathon too, though he's not done any real 'long' runs yet). We've not run together for probably 2 years so I'm super excited (he really doesn't enjoy running-he's a soccer player-but he's doing this for me)  *swoon*

Do you run with other people? Do you prefer it or prefer to run alone?


  1. WOOO HOO!!! Awesome job!! Way to rock your 17 miles! I do the same things sometimes with overeating- I hate that heavy feeling. I am sure you burned those calories off during your long run, though. That is exciting that your husband is also training for a marathon! My first marathon was with my hubby & we did all of our training runs together. It was definitely a bonding experience, haha. He is going to ride his bike alongside me when I get up into my longer training runs. Like my personal coach, haha!

    1. I'm getting back on track w/ the calories. I think I'll be back down to 103.8 this weekend (that's my 'comfortable weight' but my goal is to be closer to 101-102, I think that weight looks best on me). My MAIN goal is to lose my tummy pudge. I'm pretty lean everywhere else but have a LOT of 'goo' in that area =)
      I didnt know you and hubs trained and ran a marathon together! How cool!!

    2. You are so tiny! Even though I am bigger than you, I know what a big difference a couple of pounds makes on the way that I look and feel. I don't think you have ANY tummy pudge! You look awesome- I can't believe that you had 5 kids- you go, girl!

      Yeah, we ran Philly in 2010 to raise money for our adoption. It was awesome, and awful, all at once, haha. I think that is how marathons go, though!

    3. I just hide the pudge well but it is there. I can grab 2 big handfuls of it! LOL =)

  2. Congrats on your 17!! That's awesome!! I think it's amazing that you're homeschooling 5 kiddos and still have time to train for a marathon. That's impressive! I always run alone. Every once in awhile someone will join me for my long runs, but most of the time I do it alone. I'd love to run with someone for all my long runs, it sure would make time go by faster!

    1. It works out as I can do my runs during the week and get back here before they get up or shortly after they get up (for my mid week medium-long run on Wednesday). I usually run alone too and dont mind it at all. I run w/ a group of gals on Wed or Thurs every couple of weeks. I'm scared to go on a long run w/ anyone though, I'm afraid I'd slow them down!

  3. GREAT JOB! That is amazing! I have never made it past 13.1 miles, I really want to at some point, but haven't taken the jump yet.

    1. When I started, I never thought I'd be able to run TEN miles and now I'm almost double that! Crazy! If you go slow, you'll be surprised at what you're capable of =)

  4. Congrats on an awesome long run - 17 miles is serious business!

  5. What a GREAT run and congrats on getting it done! Looks like you had a cold one too, hopefully this weather starts getting a little warmer soon so we can all put some shorts on :)

  6. I SO hear ya, Christina! I miss the days of just throwing on a tank and shorts and going! Now it seems it takes me longer to dress for the run, than it does to run! =)LOL