Saturday, March 23, 2013

Holy Speed Rockets, Batman!

Before we get to the run, I'd just like to say one thing...
The snow and rain and cold and general yuckiness is SO last month.
Uh, God? I'd like an order of sunshine, please? With a side of warmth. Thankyouverymuch.

So anyway, this run. ROCKED MY SOCKS OFF.  It would have been a top 10 run ANYWAY, just cuz I got to do it with the most awesome person alive, BUT the sweetness had a generous dollop of rockin' pace on top which just took it to whole 'nother adjective. (Awesomesauce?  You pick.)

Hubs and I starting out at 8am
Incase you've not been here for long (and probably only 3 of you have), my starting off pics are pretty much always in the dark. I truly am a get-up-get-dressed-and-go type runner.  But hubs needed his morning coffee and my parents were coming up to be watched by our minions, I mean to watch our minions, and I didnt want to give them a dark 0' thirty time in which to be here.
So I got up at 7, ate a 1/2 a banana with some PB around 7:40 and we were on the street a little after 8.

We started off in our neighborhood and took that over to Lake Z stopping 2 or 9 times on the way over so I could blow my shnoz. Does anyone else have this issue? I always end up taking embarrassing amounts of tissue along.
I joked with hubby that I needed one of these:

It really would save a lot of time digging one out of my many pockets.

Took 1/2 a PowerBar Gel a bit before 5 miles (and again about mile 10)

I think the guy coming up behind us at this point thought it was weird that I was taking a picture of a gel. On my wrist.  *Sigh*...the things I do for you guys. 

We passed these GORGEOUS balls of fluff TWICE on our run
I oo'd and ah'd and gasped (isn't that a weird word to say out loud?), and squealed...I mean come ON. That baby was the cutest thing EVER.

This is about mile 11. Feeling pretty awesome from my second 'hit' of the gel!


To fully appreciate the awesomeness of this pace you can read about my first two 'real' 1/2 marathons HERE.  I ran my 1/2 last Spring (on a hilly course-I will give it that-today's was fairly flat for most of the route), at an avg pace of 9:03. So to be able to pull ^THIS^ off on a training run? Was pretty stinkin' awesome (only burmmer is that I think that blister thing a ma bobber is coming back-bleh). Pace for the last .1 miles? 7:29.  BOOOOO  YYYYAAAAAA!!

So in celebration, I went out and bought all of these:

Just kidding.
I ate 4 BIG cookies.

Dont ya love when a training run is just purified AWESOMENESS the whole time??


  1. whoa!!! that's awesome!!! i ran 12 friday and added 20 min to your time! ugh! not a good one but i'm building back up. found your blog on keeping the pace! i'm a h'schooler too and love to run! :)

  2. Thanks, Kate! This was FAST for me. My long runs on the weekends are normally between 10-10:45 pace. WOOHOO to another homeschool momma! =)

  3. Hi, Anna! I saw your comment over at Kate's blog. I need one of those tissue holders, too, but wearing that might look even funnier than taking a picture of your gel!

    1. HAHA! Funny thing is that would probably be low on the list of 'ways Anna is weird'! =)

  4. I loved reading about your awesome run with your husband!! Way to rock it! That is so amazing how much your times have improved :) I agree- I am SO ready for spring and warm weather! We are supposed to get a snow storm here tonight. Major boo!

    1. We got some snow last night too and its very cold and WINDY today. Bleh. BUT very thankful that Spring is coming!! =)

  5. Hi Anna;
    First off I want to tell you that you are such an inspiration to me...I want to love running but at this point in my life I see it as a means to an end! I know it will boost my metabolism so I am doing it a couple of times a week.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!
    I seen on your Passionate Motherhood site that you use MFW for homeschooling, we used it last year and LOVED it (ECC) and started out using it this year (CtoG) but switch to something different a few weeks in. I will be doing Kinder. with my 2nd born son starting in the summer...I have never used MFW for K so this will be a new adventure for me! I always used Abeka for K & Grade 1. Rambling now...!

    1. Christine, I was NEVER an athelete growing up and NEVER liked anything that required sweating or getting my HR up (except roller skating, I LOOOVED roller skating)...I discovered running on a whim and the end of 2009. I started to get up early and go for a walk before the kids got up and a few times I decided to try to 'jog' for a bit. REALLY thought I was going about a mile or more, but it was more like .3 miles =) But I hooked. I went a teeny bit further each time til I got to about a mile then winter came full force and I stopped til the spring when I went at it hard again.
      We LOVE MFW. We've only used ECC on up (ECC was our FAVORITE year, I cant wait to cycle thru again!)