Monday, March 18, 2013

How long will this last?

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MARCH 18 Monday: 2.5 mi run at 1% incline (25:38)
          1.5 mi run at 1% incline (14:57).......ALSO did 25 x 4 sets of push ups

'Gee, why did Anna break up her 'mill workout today instead of doing all 4 miles at one go?'  Well, I'll tell ya why ........

I got off after 2.5 miles to take the callus protectors off my cheeky little metatarsals to see if I could run without them.


So I had to pop them back on and finish up the run.  Bummer. 
I'm wondering how long this will last?
Will I have to run the marathon with these on? I guess I could. I dont SEE it being a problem but I dont enjoy running with them on. After a while they start to itch a bit.

HOWEVER, I am choosing to see the bright side of things. At least I can still run, right??


  1. So true - at least you can run! There are worse things. :) Something I try to remember when I don't want to run or have a "bad" run!

  2. I really think you appreciate running more when you've had a period of time that you CANT run!

  3. I have a hard time with my running due to neuromas and i think in a strange way it kept me going....i am very stubborn and it was like me saying "Oh you want me to quit do ya?? Not going to happen" ...but they hurt so bad! What do you wear those pads for?

    1. It's a bit of a long story, but here it goes: I got a new pair of shoes end of January and worked them in slow like I always do (same model/year as I had been running in.) Well, one morning I decided to do a bit of an uptempo 3 miler followed by a really fast (for me) 1 miler. That was a Monday. On Wed I went for a run and even the walk down my street was HURTING (the bone on the side of your foot, kind of where people get bunions). I knew I Wasnt going to make it thru with no 'help' so I shoved a glove in my shoe to alleviate the pressure and was able to continue the run.
      Those bones dont bug me at ALL unless I try to run in those shoes without them. So weird!

  4. Yes! You are still running! But I hope you get it figured out and don't need them anymore.

  5. Thanks, Renee. I hope so too. I just dont want anything to mess up my marathon training right now!!