Monday, March 25, 2013

Motivation! and a helpful website

March 25 workout: 4mi on the treadmill 1% incline 40:30 (10:07 avg pace)
Followed up with 4 sets of 25 push ups!

I dont know about anyone else but running on the 'mill feels MUCH harder than running on the roads.  BUT its not quite so loathsome if I have something to watch that is motivating (or mindless-Kate plus 8 got me thru a lot of treadmill runs this winter!)

I've discovered this past month that watching past episodes of THE BIGGEST LOSER is really motivating while I'm running!

Also, is anyone else an upper body weakling like me? Seriously. A 2 yr old could probably out arm wrestle me. 
Well given this embarrassing knowledge a couple years ago, I decided to do something about it!
I found this website:

When I started, I could not do even ONE 'real' push up and only 6 on-my-knees push ups (and that last one was SHAKY). The max number I've done now? 40. FORTY!!!!!  Typically I do 4 sets of 25 but there have been a couple times I've managed to do 40 at one time.  Forty REAL push ups!!

I didnt start the program to ever REALLY be able to do 100 push ups at one time but I did want to increase my upper body strength (which I feel is important as a runner) and I really feel like I've achieved that.
This same website also offers a '100 sit ups' and '100 squats'. And the best thing?
ITS ALL FREE! And its super easy to stick with.

Hope you're all having a great start to your Monday.

If you do treadmill runs, what is your favorite thing to watch, or listen to?

How many push ups can you do?


  1. My push-up ability is abysmal. Maybe I'll have to try that site out!

    I always think running on a treadmill is 100000000x more difficult than running outside and I avoid it like the plague. When I HAVE to, I watch TV.

  2. It's a 6 week program. It worked really good for me! I hear from people that they think the treadmill is EASIER. Not for this gal! =)

  3. your push up skills are impressive!! I might have to give that site a try! And I totallly agree with you - I think the treadmill is way harder than outside running! I always feel like I'm working so much harder than I should be?! But I like watching soccer or Full House the most while I run!

    1. I LOVE Full House! Where are you finding those episodes at? I've watched a little Family Ties too, sure does take me back.... =)

  4. I am going to check out this site right now! I love push-ups, but struggle to do a lot the "real" way!! Thanks for the challenge!

    I love the biggest loser!! :) I need to get a TV next to my treadmill again- it is in my basement so there is nothing to look at = BORING!

    1. I dont know HOW people run on the 'mill with no tv! I ran in my neighbors garage for a few months during the winter of 2010 when the snow would NOT melt and the 'mill was facing the garage door with NOTHING to look at it, it was awful!!!

  5. Yesterday for the first time ever I did 20 real push-ups in.a.row. I've never really liked push-ups but I'm starting to enjoy the challenge of them.

    I actually usually read on the treadmill. I use my kindle and up the font size...and then only let myself read that book on the treadmill so it motivates me to get on.

    1. Renee that is AWESOME!!! Most people cant even squeak 10 out on their first time. You must have some great upper body strength!
      I wish I could read on there, but I think it would distract me from running on the center of the belt and I'd end up on the back wall!=)

  6. I have used that program. It's a great motivator! 40 is fantastic!