Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fix it before it gets worse!


March 20 Wed: 8 miles 1:18:44 (9:50 avg pace) 2* windchill!
March 21 Thurs: 4.5 miles 46:06 (10:14 avg pace) on the treadmill 1% incline. Followed it up with
     4 sets of 25 push ups.

>>So. I think I'm getting a blister on the end of my big toe. Its small and you cant see it unless you look close but its slightly swollen. I've never had a blister before and I'm not sure what to do about it! Its a bit sore. I didnt know what it was til after my run today. I thought my sock was just bunched up. Looking back, it was bugging me yesterday during the day too (I wore shoes during the day yesterday which I normally dont do and I remember feeling it and wondering what it was but I never checked it). 
Any tips on what I should do about it?? I dont want it to interfer with my 13 miler on Saturday!<<

Anyway, lets talk more running shall we?
On Wed, I got up at 4:30 a.m. (aka Crazy o' clock), to meet up with my awesome running buddies at 5 for an 8 mile run. Wow. 4:30 a.m. comes PRETTY early in the morning.  Thankfully it didnt really put a damper on the rest of my day. I was a bit more tired for the first few hours after getting home, but after that, I was fine the rest of the day!
Last time I got up to meet them a little earlier than normal (we used to meet at 6 but one time I met up with them at 5:30) I got my first ever migraine a few hours later, so I was nervous that that would happen again. Thankfully-NOTHING! I did take some 'fuel' along to eat right after the run just incase:

A little tuna salad and some crackers (those baby food containers come in super handy!)  Totally hit the spot.  My water bottles in my hydration belt froze shut during the run so I had no water afterwards until they thawed out a bit (and my hands were thawed out enough to open them!)

My awesome running buds and myself before the run. I love how it looks like I photoshopped myself in here.  Classic.

Megs, myself and Jens.  Love love love these gals.  Anna forgot to turn her headlamp off.  Nerd.

Thaaaaaaat's better. I sometimes wonder how they put up with me.

It was SOOO cold yesterday morning. Thankfully I went Anna style (aka how-to-look-like-a-marshmallow-puff-ball) and was perfectly comfortable the whole run. I wore lined wind pants over my running tights (so these lovely ladies had to put up with the sound of my thighs rubbing together for an hour and eighteen minutes. Bless their ever lovin' hearts) and that really helped.
This is the speediest I've run since the Shoe Issue started. Felt AWESOME.

Today's run was great too. I watched a movie on Netflix for my kiddos (I like to preview alot of their movies before they watch them), called 'Hugo'. I think they're gonna like it.  We like to watch a little bit of a movie together during lunch (sometimes educational, sometimes 'fun movies', but our favorite thing to watch in the Duggars. We are HUGE fans).

Do you have any favorites on Netflix?
Whats the temp like where you are?
Have you ever had a blister? What did you do for it??


  1. Nice blog & post Anna! You're so lucky to have running gal pals! My running friends live too far or have totally different schedules from me. Happy running!

    1. I really love it, Millie. When I first started, I didnt have anyone I could run with! But thru a local running FB group, i've met some awesome ladies. I'm truly blessed =)

  2. Man is it COLD where you live! Spring should be here ...:)

    About the blister. I would pop it! And if you can cut off the skin- now or in a few days, do it. Keeping callouses down and trimming extra skin build up helps them not to come back. I need to do some serious pedicure work on myself :)

    1. It is VERY cold! Suppose to be 29* tomorrow at 8am when hubs and I are heading out for 13! It'll only be the 3rd run we've ever done together and they've all be on gloomy cold days! So done with this weather!! =)
      The spot seems to be much better today so I dont even know if it WAS a blister... >confused<....I'll just keep an eye on it and see what happens =)

  3. Sorry about your blister! Boo!!

    Yay for early morning running!! I am jealous that you have running buddies that early in the morning- so awesome!

    1. They were meeting at 5 a.m. so it was either meet them then, or miss out on the run and the fun =)

  4. Wow! that some serious cold running weather! Brrr! Loved the movie Hugo! a good watch with the kiddos! I would only pop the blister if it's visible and filled with fluid. You might also try putting a bad-aid on it for your long run to protect it from getting worse. Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a great weekend!

    1. It was a good movie! Its hard to find movies that will interest them as they get older that doesn't have questionable content or naughty words =) The blister seems to be going away!! YAY! =)