Thursday, March 28, 2013

Highest mileage month yet! and an AWESOME blog

March 26 Tues: 10 min elliptical, upper/lower body weights, 3 sets of planks (2:00, 1:50, 1:40)

March 27 Wed:  9 mi run 1:28:25 (9:49 pace) 25* push ups after this run. I was a bit tired when I got done so I didnt want to push it =)

March 28 Thurs: 5 mi run 52:16 (10:28 pace) 27* and 4 sets of push ups (25-20-20-20)

Ran both of my run outside yesterday and today. Usually I do an outdoor run on Wednesday and then a treadmill run on Thursday, but the light bulb that is above  my treadmill broke yesterday so we need to do some cleaning up down there before I can 'mill it again.

Also, March will be my highest month of overall running mileage yet! After Saturdays run, I'll be just over 140 miles for the month! I really dont even know if I've had a month that's been over 100 miles (I'll need to go back and check lasts month mileage), so this is quite a feat for me!

Remember how we were talking about push ups and upper body strength (or lack there of) a few days ago?  Well my awesome friend Megan (aka Terminator Mom) did a blog post this week with some great upper body workout suggestions. Megan's in killer shape (after having 3 kiddos)!
Do you have a friend that is a fitness inspiration to you?  That's my Megan =)


Do you have a favorite upper body workout?
Probably bicep curls
Is there a part of your upper body that you really want to work on?


  1. Awesome job on your mileage this month! Glad you got a chance to run outside... with the weather it seems like everyone is having that's not always easy!

  2. HOLY COW! 140 MILES!!! That is AWESOME!!! :D

    LOL! Terminator Mom...that name cracks me up! Wonder if she says, "I'll be back." to her kids a lot! :P

    1. I do ;) And I say "Come with me if you want to live" HA HA!!!

    2. HAHA! She can say it cuz she can back it up! =)