Thursday, March 14, 2013

8 mile and 4 miles runs. PURE awesomeness

MAR 13: 8.1 mi run 1:28:42 (10:57 avg pace)....*also did 4 sets of push ups 25-20-20-20

I was super excited for this run. I've never run 8 miles mid-week.  I was wondering if my new shoes were up for it....

Me, and a snowy backdrop. Thankfully MOST people had shovled their sidewalks but I still had quite a few places that I had to tip toe thru and the street crossings were awful for the most part. If there weren't small mountains of snow to tromp thru, I was busy slithering thru at a snails pace on sheets of ice.

All in all though, the run felt AWESOME.  It was cold (and dark.  Curse you daylight savings time!) but I was still THRILLED to be running EIGHT miles =)

Wonderful pink sunrise at the end of my run...

My post run treat. I usually eat some peanut M&M's post-run for any double digit distance but SOMETIMES I'll allow it for less.
This was one of those time.

In celebration of these shoes taking on 8 miles and causing me NO trouble! (of course, I DID still have on the callus protectors which you can read more about HERE

MARCH 14: 4 mi run on the 'mill, 1% incline, (41:37- 10:24 avg pace)....followed it up with 3 sets of planks (1:50-1:40-1:30)
Started out at 5.2 mph and upped it one notch every 3 minutes. Once I got to 6.0mph, I held that until mile 3.5 and then upped it to 6.1 for the remainder of the run.

*The lovely callus protectors on my cheeky little metatarsals (they are metatarsals, right?).

'The Biggest Loser' is a great motivator while slodging thru miles on the 'mill =)

What does your weekend workout plan look like?
--16-17 miles for me! YEE HAW!


  1. I agree- 8 miles during the week feels so boss!! Hooray for you! So exciting to be logging those longer runs (even midweek) and feeling strong! I am cheering for your long run this weekend!

  2. TOTALLY =) I cant WAIT to tackle 16-17 this weekend!!! I think I might be ready to do one of my 'city routes' -which I LOVE- this weekend. I've been going to the lake the last month as its nice and flat and my city route is fairly hilly (hills were bugging that bone) but I think w/ the callus protectors, that I can do it!