Saturday, April 20, 2013

"It's ONLY 12 miles," said the girl with the taper.

HAHA!  Yeah. I am easily amused. Especially by my own humor.

If you'd have asked me 3 years ago (when I was just dabbling in running) if I'd ever run a marathon, I'd have probably laughed in your face and then looked at you like you had 2 heads...No WAY would I have thought I could 26 miles...
HA! Take THAT 3-years-ago-didnt-know-how-awesome-running-is, Anna!!!

I'm almost done with my mountain
When I first looked at my marathon training plan, I saw a mountain. Here I was down in flat, prairie land and looming in front of me was Mt. Marathon-training. I was super excited to tackle it but had no clue what it (or I) would be like once I got to its peak. 

To me, the 20 mile run was the peak and I survived it! (and liked it in some weird, twisted, masochistic way)

Now I feel like I'm coming down the other side of the mountain, which the locals like to call Journey of Taper. Its filled with all sorts of fun places like 'IsThatAnInjury-ville', 'What-if-I-get-sick-town', and 'GO-AWAY-LITTLE-NIGGLE-village'.

Once I get to the bottom then its unknown territory.

THE MARATHON  *cue the dramatic music*

I'm sure there will be many peaks and valleys in that unchartered territory and I'm sure I'll tell you ALLL about them on May 5th =)

Anyway, I never thought I'd be one to say 'I'm only doing 12 miles'. But it is my reality after doing TWENTY last weekend.
12 today felt GREAT!
I got a few twinges in my ankle, knee, left arch and the inside of my left foot but none if it lasted long.  Twinges seem to be a part of my life lately. Along with frozen water bottles and small rubber balls that I roll with the bottom of my foot.
We runners are a strange lot.

I didn't fuel on todays run but I took a Gu with me just incase. I made sure to drink some water during my run even though I wasn't thirsty and chowed my peanut M&M's and pretzels after I was done. It really is the best tasting thing ever while I'm stretching. 

Here are some pictures from today's run:

*Starting out at 7 a.m.  Beautiful sky but COLD. We hit a record low of 23* this morning!

*This little dude (dude-ette?) was a cutie. And brave.

*Here are his shy buddies...

*He went back to make sure they were ok. What a guy.

*I loved the reflection of the sky in the lake

*Mile 8 and feeling great!

*My 2nd daughter who is super into birds and super into photography was GREEN with envy when I showed her this picture. A gorgeous hawk (although it could be a falcon, I don't know how to tell the difference). 

My over all pace was 9:56 which felt great as I don't think I've run a sub 10 pace on a long run since I did that 13.1 mile run with my hubs which you can read about HERE.  But you know what's funny. As I got done today I was thinking to myself How in the WORLD did I average 9:12 on a 13.1 mi run just a month ago?!' That run felt comfortably hard. Today's run just felt HARD.

I was very pleased with how well my arches, foot bones and calves felt during, and after, this run.  Like I said, some twinges during, but they all worked themselves out like good little joints and tendons should.  ::pats legs lovingly::

Do you see cool wild life on your runs?
--the coolest thing lately are the cranes at Lake Z. I would LOVE to see an owl!

What is your favorite kind of bird?
--overall: Bird of Paradise, I think....out of the birds we see around here: either male Cardinals or Black-capped chickadees


  1. We have a lot in common today. I ran 12. I wore the same watch. I like seeing the bright red cardinals. I took a GU with me, but didn't need it.
    I did eat a little bit of honey, though. It's much colder where you live, though, than it is here in Texas. Your run must have been freezing!

    1. Too funny! That watch may be embarrassingly large but it works for me! =)
      did you eat honey on your run, or do you mean before?
      It WAS cold, especially for April. Brrrr. High today was 47*. Ridiculous. Thankfully its (FINALLY supposed to warm up next week!)

  2. I ate the honey at mile 7. I try all kinds of different foods when I run. I don't know if it made any difference, but it was a good run.

    1. I cant see how you'd eat honey on a run and not make a mess! Tell me more!

  3. What a great feeling... that a 12-miler has become "just" a 12-miler. What a transformation! I agree (as someone who has only run one marathon) that the change is amazing. I ran 9 today and my husband is heartbroken and jealous that he's nursing an injury and can't come along. That's not like us... to miss running! I guess it's like us now!

    1. Stephanie, its amazing isn't it?! I would LOVE if hubby loved running as much as I do, but he doesn't. Unless there is a soccer ball at his feet. =) Hope your hubby feels better soon!

  4. haha, isn't it funny to say "only 12 miles?!?!" Ah, marathon training. I love when you write, "pats legs lovingly"!!

    It is weird how different paces can feel on different runs. Sometimes I feel on top of the world and so comfortable with a fast pace. Other days, just my regular pace feels so difficult. I am just praying that on marathon day, we have a "on top of the world" kinda running day.

    Enjoy your taper. You have put in all the hard work. You are ready- trust the process. You are going to ROCK it on May 5th! So excited for you! xo

    1. I hear ya!! I just have to remember, every run has its own pace. Find that pace and stick with it. 'Enjoy' the taper? ENJOY???? I don't know about that.... =)

  5. Awesome job on your 20 miler! And at such a great pace too. You will do awesome at your marathon!!

  6. Good work! It's amazing to think back to the times when these distances seemed long. And soon you will be running the marathon! I am so excited and happy for you. It's such a huge accomplishment. Good work!!!!

  7. Thanks! I'm sure you'll be hearing all about it =)