Tuesday, April 9, 2013

NOW what?!

So here we are, on Tuesday of a BIG week mileage-wise and  I'm dealing w/ anxiety from a possible non-issue. Every runner training for a marathon has anxiety about this stuff right? It's not just me??  Maybe I'm just coo-coo brained. It wouldn't surprise me.

APRIL 9th Tuesday: 10 min elliptical, short/light lower body, upper body, 3 sets of planks
....This workout was fine. I couldn't really do any squats as my outer right knee would talk to me, but other wise it was fine.  My arch is feeling ok SO FAR this morning, but it has me worried...it was a bit achy a lot of yesterday. I don't think its Plantar Fasciitis from what I read up about it though.  I probably need to wear shoes during the day right now (we have hard wood floors and I am ALWAYS barefoot) but my 'home' shoes bug my cheeky foot bone on my right foot and I do NOT want to aggravate that spot right now.
So anyway, that has me nervous about being able to actually complete my running mileage this week.

 But all I can do is PRAY and do what the Lord enables me to do this week. If I cant complete the mileage, than I can't complete the mileage and I need to make sure I don't throw a tantrum about it (ok, there may be a small tantrum throwing. Just keepin' it real, folks).

MONDAY: 5 mi run, push ups  DONE!
TUESDAY: elliptical, weights, planks DONE!
WEDNESDAY: 10 mi run
THURSDAY: 5 mi run, push ups
FRIDAY: elliptical, weights, planks
SATURDAY: 21 miles (!!!!)

I SUPER DUPER hope I can do the full 10 miles tomorrow, even if that means I need to cut Thursdays run short or cut it out completely.

On a lighter and more happy note. Food

I love a CLEAN THE FRIDGE lunch! Pasta salad, salmon filet, broccoli and lettuce/carrot salad w/ a little of my favorite dressing (Newman's Own 'Low Fat Sesame Ginger)

What is your favorite salad dressing?

Are you a 'leftovers' eater or do they normally get thrown out?


  1. I'm a big balsamic vinaigrette fan (I just make my own using balsamic vinegar and a little olive oil...sometimes I get craft and add a little dijon mustard in the mix). We always eat leftovers...but I get a little weirded out by cheesy meals - reheating cheese kind of just creeps me out for some reason...I just leave those for my boyfriend to inhale.

    Good luck on your 10 miler!!!

    1. Oooo, balsamic vinaigrette sound yummy! May have to try that! Thanks, I'm hoping it goes well. Do you have a blog?

    2. Hey, I checked out your blog (great job on your race!) but I cant find the place to leave comments? Help a spacy-girl out! =)

  2. I'll be thinking of you. I've got a 20 miler scheduled for Saturday. We'll be in the same boat! :)

  3. Ah! I hope that you got in your 10 miler pain free!! Praying for you, friend! I totally know where you are coming from- I am also a slave to my training program and bug out when it gets messed up! Hoping you can run strong through the week- you are so close to your marathon!!

    My favorite dressing is fat free italian!

  4. I have plantar fasciitis and am supposed to always wear shoes. I love to go barefoot, but our hardwood floors make it difficult (my arches and Achilles get really tight and achy after a couple of days). I bought some Feetures plantar fasciitis sleeves to wear around the house, and maybe it's mental, but they seem to help quite a bit, and don't seem to constrictive. I got mine at Lincoln Running Co., so I'm sure any running store in Omaha would have them. I even wear them to bed sometimes or with dress shoes at work when my arches are achy after a run. Good luck with your run!

  5. Stay healthy!
    I do hope you get in your mileage, too, I just hope you also listen to your body :)
    Keep us posted!

  6. I do like pieces of left over chicken, but otherwise I'm not much of a left over kind of girl.