Saturday, April 6, 2013

Feet by Jesus!

Let's just start off with the  most important bit of information here:
Thanks to my bestest friend Jesus for wrapping my feet in his protection =)
I was really really concerned last night that we would get out there and I would be able to go 10 feet and have to call it quits.

The main info:
15 miles (10:20 avg pace)


So, we were supposed to set off at 8am when my 'rents got here but they didn't show until a little after 8:30 so by the time we drove over to the Lake it was around 8:45. I opted to have us drive as I wanted to make sure we would have access to more water (didn't want a repeat of last weekend!). We planned to do 2 laps of the Lake (each is around 7.4 miles) and get our water in the middle (I had my hydration belt so I would just refill my bottles. Hubby didn't carry any water so he made sure to slosh up at the 1/2 way point).
I ate a banana and some PB ahead of time (I usually only do 1/4-1/2 banana but I had been up so long by the time we left that I was STARVING so I opted to splurge on the other 1/2)  =)

It was AWESOME to be able to wear shorts for this run. It was 50* when we started out but the wind was cu-RAZY!  (I actually wished at the beginning that I would have worn my ear warmers, gloves and face warmer. I'm a wimp and I know it!)

I warmed up enough to take off my LS in between mile 1 and 2. There were a LOT of people out today. We even saw some roller bladers out there!
My feet (and knee!) felt great the whole first lap!  I stopped to take my first 1/2 pk of Gu at mile 6 (also, my little pouch I wear on my hydration belt broke around mile 3! Hubs carried it the rest of the way for me. So glad I brought him along)
Stopped at the van between mile 7 and 8 to get some H20.  I had drank almost both of my flasks so I'm glad we had extra to refill with.

Getting ready to start the second loop...
The wind got a shot of Red Bull or something as we were going over the dam at the beginning of the 2nd loop. It was not only CRAZY windy (as in had to yell to hear each other) but it got noticeably colder (and I had just left my long sleeve in the van!), AND then started to spit down rain as well! Not the nice misty rain, but the cold, wind-blown, pelty kind of rain. Bleh.  Thankfully it didn't last long.

Momma can take pictures WHILE running! Talent, people!

I'm pretty sure there's a limit to how much stuff you can have around your waist while you run. I'm pretty sure I've exceeded that limit.

I don't know how many times I forgot he was wearing that thing on his arm under his sweatshirt. I DO know that I slap his arm a lot when he makes me laugh. Oops! Sorry honey!
Ducks.  That's all.

So. My foot started to bug me a bit around mile 10, so I merely hopped to the side of the trail and ran there for most of the remaining 5 miles and had no issues! (the wind blew me there half the time anyway-no joke)...I was able to hop back on the pavement every so often the last couple miles. I am SO thankful I was able to complete the distance though!

The wind (and running on the grass for the last 1/3 of the run), made this run feel much harder than our 13 miler a couple weeks ago (even though the pace was more than a minute faster per mile than this run!)


It started raining again RIGHT when we took these pictures and it was COLD and it was WINDY. I usually walk for a few minutes but it was TOO cold to walk so I did a slow jog back to the parking lot and stayed in the shelter of our van to stretch. BOY was it cold!!

Refuel with Pepperjax? Don't mind if I do!
*Funny story here: as we left the Lake, hubs was like 'Let's get Pepperjax for lunch' and I was all 'YEAH!'...we drove almost the whole way there before we both realized that neither of us had anything on us other than our driver's licenses! Grrr.....thankfully, hubs was willing to go back out after we got home and pick it up. He's a keeper

Cream filled donuts are the BEST reward after a long run (right up there with a hot shower, fuzzy socks, and feet-up-on-the-couch time!)

Do you have any favorite post-long run foods/treats that you look forward to?


  1. Burgers!! Or Tacos. I'm a sucker for unhealthy foods after a long just sounds sooooo goood. Today I hit up Taco Bell, ha.

    I'm sure my body would appreciate some healthier (aka. actually nutritious) options next time.

    Great job on your run - wind makes everything hard.

    1. I had never THOUGHT to do Taco Bell post-run! That sounds super yummy!! I made sure to eat an apple and a little spinach today (though not together) so I'm good. ;)

  2. I plan out grand post-run meals, but usually only feel like drinking something like a smoothie. How great that you get to do your long runs with your husband!

    1. that was me last weekend-NO appetite! Thankfully this week was better =)
      Yep. He's not a runner at ALL (3 miles and he's good), but he's doing it for me....*swoon*

  3. Praise God for a good run! I love all your pictures- that is talent!! You and your hubs are so cute! Your treat after looks so so good. The best part of long runs is the post-run meal ;) I always crave 2 things: soft pretzels and french fries. I had both yesterday! I hope that you feel strong during your runs this week and that you can feel completely healthy. I will be praying for healing!

    Yay for warmer weather- I hope it is here to stay!

    1. I LOOOOVE soft pretzels! So funny you said that as my mom brought some over last Saturday (the kind you can bake or microwave)-they were SOOOO good. Yes, please pray my runs go AWESOME this week! I don't mind cutting each run a WEE bit short if I need too but I would like to get at least 90% of my mileage in this week!!

  4. That's a great sounding 15 miles! I love your photos along the way and you look so happy in them. I wish I could run with hubby *sigh* but we pace so differently, ha ha

    1. So do we =) He is naturally much faster than I am, but he runs at whatever pace I want to =) He's a (really good) soccer player so this slow long distance stuff is DUMB to him, but he puts up with it =)

  5. yum...donuts :) After races I always want pizza or tacos.

  6. Pizza might just be my most favorite food in the WORLD, so I hear what you're saying there, Renee =)

  7. Hi Anna! Just hopped over to your blog! Your family is beautiful and I've been admiring your dedication to running on here for about 20 minutes now. I'm a daily runner, but only about 3-5 miles and NOT in the cold. I'm kinda a weeny. Anyway, your 13-17 mile runs would kick my a$$, especially in the freezing cold! Hope you enjoyed that donut though... it looks DELISH! I'm your newest follower and hope you'll stop by to follow back!

    PS - I'm hosting a giveaway for a FABULOUS Stella and Dog earrings. :)

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I am ENVIOUS that you can run daily!! I can only run consecutive days ONCE during the week (Wed/Thurs) but I need to take breaks in between my other runs. I actually love running when its cooler (as long as I'm dressed right!) I get overheated very quickly-I'm a kin to a pig in that respect I guess =) Thanks for following. I'll go check out your blog!

  8. And I would have passed you two running on this verymorning...however I made it up the block and realized it ain't gonna happen....I had a pretty bad mishap on a retaining wall...that I am still recovering from. I was so bummed