Thursday, April 18, 2013

Time well spent

Ya'll come here to read up on all my super cool workouts, right?
Let's get to those first before more exciting stuff....

WEDNESDAY: 20 min on the elliptical at almost a tempo paced effort (4.6 miles), upper body and light lower body weights, and 3 sets of planks (100-90-80 seconds each
THURSDAY: 4.5 mi run on the 'mill 1% incline 46 minutes.....also did 4 sets of 20 push ups
......This run was quite nice. Watched some Season 6 of Biggest Loser again. Not sure what I think about Ed getting back on the show.  Heba sorta rubs me the wrong way...My foot bones actually felt GREAT on this run! My right arch spoke to me in the middle of the run for about a tenth of a mile but then went away. Had a few knee tweaks as well that lasted about a minute each and then went away.  Overall it all felt wonderful.


Last night I picked up my buddy Marie and we headed over to my buddy Karma's house for some good 'ol crafting time.  I don't get out much with the gals so when I do I'm always giddy with excitement (and I probably talk too much, chew with my mouth open and laugh at the wrong times, but for some reason they still invite me. *shrug*)

Our plan was to make Boston Marathon-colored hair ties to wear at our half/full marathon on May 5th.  My good friend, Jennifer bought all the materials and we just had to supply the hair ties and a sharp pair of scissors (apparently I overlooked the 'sharp' part...oops).  Karma was a wonderful host with a lovely home and a hubby who cooked us some excellent shrimp wraps! I've never had one before and they were restaurant quality for sure.  I love that all these ladies are so lovely and easy to be around. I love me some running buddies =)

*Finished product.  I did it! And it actually looks good!!!

*I'm a lucky lady to be able to call these gals my friends..

It's surreal to think that I'm only 17 days out from my first marathon. Only SEVENTEEN days!! I'm already a mix of anxiety, excitement, and fear.  I'm praying God's will be done with this race. BUT I'm ALSO praying that His will would be for me to cross that finish line on my own two feet and feeling slightly better than death. Not too much to ask, right??

Are you a crafty person?

Do you get out with your friends often?


  1. I used to be a crafty person before I started blogging! :) Your hair ties are very nice and the colors will be perfect to honor Boston.

    Mmm. The shrimp wraps sound good!

    1. Lucky lady! At least you have the gene in you. I used to do a lot of card making (with stamps and such) but always had to get idea from another source. Its just not my strong point =)
      I hope you're doing well!

  2. I love crafting... when I do get out with my friends I'm like you... a little giddy about it! :)

    1. It's always a good time and i'm always out WAY later than I say I'll be =)

  3. That's really awesome! What a wonderful way to pay tribute!