Thursday, April 25, 2013

A little of this, a little of that

Sorry, internets! Meant to get on here last night and post, but a nasty headache won the battle between some screen time and my nice, cozy, Temperpedic bed (they really are the best, people. No arguing).

So here I am! Headache gone, sun shining, kids playing nice.
It's gonna be a great day 

So here's what I've had so far this week:

SUNDAY: elliptical 20 minutes 4.6 miles
MONDAY: 4.1 miles on the 'mill 1% incline 41:15 (also did 20 x 4 sets of push ups)
TUESDAY: elliptical 20 minutes 4.9 miles (10 min of 1/1 intervals was CRAZYsauce), light lower and upper body weights, 1:30 x 3 sets of planks
WEDNESDAY: 6.25 mi run 1:00:45 (9:44 avg pace)   **more on this run below
THURSDAY: 3 mi run on the 'mill 1% incline 30:15

My run on Wednesday ROCKED. As I was starting the run, I decided on a whim to head over to the Lake...
Yep! I'm wearing COLOR, people!  Benefit of being fun-sized is that you get to shop in the little girls' section. Got this Fila hoodie for $11!

You'll have to squint, tilt your head and turn around 3 times to see it, but there was a good sized hawk on the roof of this house (you can click on the picture to enlarge). My 2nd daughter loooooves birds, but that wasn't the best thing I saw....)

I audibly gasped (isn't gasped a weird word?) when I saw this. Thought at first it was just a stump of the tree...

Nope. Its an owl!! A real rootin tootin hootin' OWL!!!!  I was BESIDE  myself with excitement. This is the first time I've ever seen an owl in real life (I know, I need to take a better camera on my runs.)

It was funny to look back over the run and see how much faster the 'post-owl sighting' miles were. I was so stinkin' excited to get home and tell my girls all about it =)

So, this means....
Only 4 more runs until the marathon!!!

I really cant believe its that close. And I can tell you now, I totally know the full meaning of the phrase TAPER MADNESS.  My mind is immersed in it.  Its amazing HOW many emotions one can feel all at the same time.  Fear...elation...anxiety...excitement...confidence...hesitation

Pull me thru this one, Lord!!

What do YOU do to help you get thru the last week of marathon training?

Have you ever seen an owl in real life?


  1. Anna Banana, I miss you! Glad your training is on track!!! The Lord has been powering me through my training so all credit must go to Him! :) Never seen an owl but gobbled at some turkey's at Zorinsky and they talked back! Ha!

    1. Miss you too, Megs!! You look to DEFINITELY be on fire. Glad you're training is going along swimmingly. HAHAHA! =)

  2. We LOVE owls around here...yes, we've seen a few and we hear them all the time! Aren't they COOL?! :) Great job on the running...I'm so excited for you and your marathon! You've got this. I know you can do it!!!

    I so appreciate you popping by my little 'ole blog! Thanks for the encouragement! :)


    1. Amy, that is so cool! I've never heard one before. Thanks for the encouragement =)

  3. I'm really looking forward to your marathon and race recap! The taper is really going to do a lot for you, it is amazing at how much healing of the muscles that goes on in that short of time. I was actually surprised when I ran my first marathon last weekend at just "how good" my legs felt for so long. I was actually still feeling really good at the halfway mark, my main issue was a foot thing, but when it came to all over endurance and legs, I could tell what they say about taper - that is when the magic happens :) Rest up and enjoy your taper and take each run lightly! It's time for your legs to get primed and recovered for the "big day"!

    1. That is SO good to know! Definitely makes me feel better. Eight days!!!

  4. I have a lot of fun spotting wildlife when I run, too. I saw a big turtle, great blue herons, cardinals and red-winged blackbirds today. I also saw a huge catfish that a fisherman caught. I agree - it's really fun to see owls!

    1. Wow, Tina! Sounds like you got a great variety of wild friends there. I'd love to see a great blue heron-how neat!!