Friday, April 5, 2013

Proceed with CAUTION!

Sorry for being MIA this past week. Whenever running is not going as it should, I get a little angsty and don't feel like coming on and blogging about it, or reading OTHER running blogs where everyone's training is just moving along swimmingly. I have an ugly green monster (its name starts with an EN and ends with a VY) that lives in my head when it comes to all things running.

But it is what I'm dealing with now and instead of taking another year long break from all this bloggy goodness, I thought I'd go ahead and get it over with, so here are this weeks runs:

MONDAY: 2mi run on the mill 1% incline 21:10 and 10 min on the elliptical 2.3 miles....also did push ups (4 sets: 25, 25, 25, 20)....This run was frustrating. My foot was still bugging me so I opted to wear my old old shoes (2010) and still had to wear the protectors on both feet. The hard thing about it is that the spot on my right foot has moved BUT the old spot is still tender and persnickety, BUT the callus protector is not big enough to protect both spots! WHAT TO DO!  Also, my lower back was a little achy this whole day. I don't know if it was from the new shoes or carry over from the run on Saturday as my back was a little achy that day too....

WEDNESDAY: 9.25 mi run 1:39:09 (10:43 avg) and push ups (20-20-20-20)

Feeling pretty confident and good before starting out though I was feeling HEAVY and ploofy as the calorie intake the couple days prior were EPIC (as were the couple days following). It was early and I could see the stop lights outside my neighborhood blinking yellow.  Felt like God was telling me 'Go SLOW, Anna, proceed with caution!'

It was apparent after only a mile that this run was not going to feel nice. I went slow, but about mile 3 I hit a downhill. Ouch. They seem to hurt the worst. Shortly after that I was back to this spot....
Nice cushy ground in my neighborhood. It runs in a long oval (about .4 miles for one loop) so I did 4-5 loops of that and  that really helped. Then I headed over to the duck pond and ran the last 3 miles or so there

For as awful as the first 7.5 miles of this run were, the last 1.5 were AWESOME. No pain at all (even on concrete) and I was able to up my pace. One of those 'spells' where you just feel AMAZING. LOVED it. Thank you, Jesus.

So glad to be done!

THURSDAY: 4mi 'mill run 1% 41:55....
This run was gearing up to be a bad one. The first mile my bone was hurting. I actually had to walk for about 30 seconds 1/2 way into the first mile aas my left knee started to hurt. What gives?! But I was able to start up slowly again. The bone bugged me the first couple miles but after about mile 2.5 it was better and there was no pain for the remainder. I did run this in my old old 2010s again (and still needed the callus protectors for both feet)....

I did an easy elliptical workout (with some planks) and then moved into doing some lighter lower body and upper body work but my left knee (around the knee cap this time) started to hurt so I had to cut it short =(  I am hoping it doesn't interfere with my ability to run my 15 tomorrow!!   I've been praying a LOT today that it (and my feet!) will be fine tomorrow!!

Have you had to take some time of during marathon training? If so, how much and how did it affect your race?


  1. Nice job, Anna. Just keep this in mind.. in exactly ONE MONTH, all of your hard work will pay off. And, you'll be able to run for leisure instead of as a chore :)

  2. It seems like you are really working hard to get back into your groove! Keep at it. :)
    You can do it!
    I've only ever trained for 1 marathon. There were times (I tried to keep it to a very few times) when I would rearrange runs or skip one when life got in the way.

  3. like your pictures, looks like a great run.

    I ran my 6th full marathon on Saturday.
    It always seems like there is a disruption during my training that forces me to take time off, injury, illness, unexpected travel for work, etc.
    I am to the point where I try and start my training early so when the disruption occurs it will not effect me.
    I often have to re-arrange my running schedule for family obligations.