Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan 6, 7, and 8th workouts

Jan 6th elliptical 9 miles in 40:00 (intervals)
Jan 7th elliptical 9 miles in 42:00
Jan 8th 5 mi run in 51:20 temp was 17* with an 8* windchill...gear: everything but the kitchen sink. =)

It felt SO great to get a 'distance' run in this past weekend! Anything under 3 always feel like just a warm-up. Anything 5 and above is icing on the cake. I love running with my Garmin and seeing how far I have gone. There was still a fair bit of ice on this run but it didnt slow me down as much.

That may be my last outdoor run for a bit as our outdoors now looks like this:
Dont mind the random kids, they seem to be in a lot of my pictures.

We got dumped on a LOT today and its still snowing and will continue over night. Tomorrow apparently is suppose to be colder than cold so I am glad we got them out to play in it today.
And my WORD, it is a feat of Olympic proportions to get 5 kids ready to go out in the snow and then an equally challenging task to get them back inside without slopping dirty snow and ice all over kingdom come. But I rose to the challenge. Though our entry way is stuffed full of snowsuits, coats, hats, boots and gloves.
And yes, my 3rd daughter has fuzzy socks on her arms. They dont make the cuffs long enough on gloves and she had 'snow rocks' all around her wrists.
So I 'ghetto-fixed' her.

Sunday was suppose to be my rest day and I wanted to get in an elliptical or 'mill workout today but I was up til after midnight last night chatting with hubby and *ahem* making large batches of chocolate chip cookies which I managed to hide from my chil'rins by putting them on top of the fridge. Sneaky.

Hopefully I will get some decent shut eye tonight and get a workout in tomorrow.

I need to start lifting weight again too as I really think that was helping to keep my weight down. I'm feeling like the Good Year blimp lately and the dreaded 'muffin top' is creeping in on me.
I love me a muffin top, but only if its Betty Crocker.
And on its way into my mouth. =)


  1. i hear that snow is now heading east...should be here by noonish today and not stop until thursday morning. so that will be fun!

    i love lifting. i really do think that it helps my metabolism and i love feeling that kind of sore.

  2. The dreaded muffin top. As I've lost weight, I've finally reached muffin top stage (I'm not sure what the stages before it are cake top....Goodyear tire top???) Lately, it doesn't seem to be getting any I've added weights into my training. At least two days a week. Hopefully that will help! :-)

    I can't IMAGINE getting those kids ready and out the door...then back in without a huge mess. Kudos to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You are such a good Momma for sorting your kidlets out to go outside. I bribed the teen to take the 5yo. I don't like snow. Brrrr.

    Chocolate Chip Cookies are where it's at. Alas, the muffin top is creeping into my wardrobe too. GAH! You inspire me to keep trying to lose weight, and to get more serious (again) about weights and core.