Thursday, January 20, 2011

Here I am!

Sorry for my absence, friends! Life has been busy lately as I have started to watch a baby a couple days a week. We ADORE her, but it has made me have to shift chores and school around a bit during the week and while it is all completely manageable, it has made prioritizing and time usage much more important. Not that you aren't important! I do love you ins a lot! =)
So anyway, here is the low down on the workout front:
Jan 11 elliptical 5 miles 23:00
Jan 12 treadmill 3 miles 30:45
Jan 13 elliptical 8 miles 35:00
Jan 15 elliptical 10 miles 48:00 (I have discovered the treadmill I use doesnt go below 1.5% incline so thats what I have been running at this whole time)

Jan 16 3.5 mile outdoor run 37:45....14* with a windchill of 7*....gear: hat, headband, neck gaiter, buff, Chill Chaser LS shirt, Tek Gear SS shirt, Tek Gear LS shirt, jacket, 2 prs cheapie gloves, Chill Chasers rights, Fila tights, short, hydration belt, tunes

Jan17 elliptical 7.25 miles 35:00
Jan 18 elliptical 6.5 miles 31:00
Jan 20 treadmill 3 miles 31:30 2% incline (kicked it up a notch like, 'BAM!') =)

It felt SO good to run outside on Sunday. The temp was quite cold, but I felt fine and warm enough the whole time, though when I got home and was getting ready to jump in the shower, I noticed my both upper legs were BEAT red and cold to the touch, they didnt hurt or feel uncomfortable though and went away after awile, but it had me worried for about 6 seconds there.
Also, I kept my neck gaiter on for most of this run and on my cool down I kept seeing these 'orbs' and thought I was starting to loose it, or getting ready to have a brain aneurysm or something and then I realized they were ice crystal in my eyelashes from my breath coming up thru the top of the gaiter and onto my lashes where it promptly froze. As I was knocking the icicles off, I had to chuckle to myself. I am SUCH a sissy when it comes to cold and had you told me a year ago I would be running OUTSIDE when there is SNOW on the ground and in below freezing temps while growing icicles in my eyelashes, I would have stamped 'Certifiable' on your forehead.

Now I think maybe I'M the certifiable one.
No need to pick me up in the looney mobile.

I'll just run.



  1. Those beat red legs are kinda funny, aren't they?? Takes me back to my sledding days as a kid. :-)

    Icicles on the eyelashes, good job getting out there!!!!!

  2. Thank ya! =) At least I didnt relive the frozen wrists of my childhood snow-play days =)