Friday, January 7, 2011

I won a HeadSweats hat from Cycle and Style!

YAY! I love free stuff! I entered a give away at the 'Cycle and Style' Facebook page for this reversible, thermal fleece beanie from HeadSweats. It said right on the tag 'Perspiration Technology' so I knew it was right up my alley as I sweat like nobody's business.

My girls think its funny that I have been wearing it around the house.

But I just love it so much =)
I can tell it will keep my head warm without making me overheat. Its also the perfect size and shape to wear under my bike helmet if I elevate to hardcore level and decide to bike in below freezing temps.
Tara at 'Cycle and Style' is so sweet, I highly recommend checking out their Facebook page. They will be having multiple giveaways thru out the year! Good luck!


  1. Oh, you are WAY hardcore in that hat. Plus the pink is cute. And I know cute...heck I'm surrounded by cute everyday. Good score on the hat. Very cool.

  2. Congrats!!! That hat looks awesome!!! Let me know how it does with the sweat!! :-)

  3. yay congrats! i have entered in SOOOO many giveaways and have yet to win anything....

  4. Congratulations on winning! You look so dang cute in it. =)