Monday, January 24, 2011

Jan 24, 2011

Jan 24, 2011....3 miles on the treadmill 31:00, 2% incline.

Ran on the neighbors 'mill today. And I hesitate to say it, but it wasn't QUITE so bad as previous attempts. Still getting dizzy though. I cant see anyway around that though.
I popped up that bad boy to a big fat 2% incline. I was livin' on the edge, Yo!
I think next time I may try 2.5%.
I am hoping to start back with strength training this week, I just need to get up earlier to get both workouts in (cardio and weights).

I STILL haven't signed up for the 1/2 marathon in May. I am just tip toeing around it. I guess I'm worried about signing up and then not getting in the proper training (I cant seem to go longer than 30minutes or 3 miles-ish on the 'mill, I know its a mental thing but my 'mental' is pretty strong willed)...
Winter in Nebraska is about as a predictable as a rabid momma bear.

I know I will be kicking myself if I dont sign up so I should probably just do it. Three gals I went to highschool with are doing it as well, so it will be fun to meet up with them.

So what's your preference? Do you run on the 'mill if its even slightly chilly out or do you try to run outdoors at almost all costs?


  1. Great job today! I prefer to run outside. The furthest I have ever run on a treadmill to date is 9 miles. Fortunately there is an indoor track at the Y I go to so I prefer to run distance on it when the outside weather/scheduling conflicts with my ability to get outside. I do have a treadmill and elliptical in my basement so when I need to be at home for kiddos etc I can multitask! It is a nice option!

  2. I am hoping to start on the treadmill today (I said that Saturday and Sunday too - so hopefully today it actually happens...) But I have found that some sort of 'chant' really helps me. Kind of military style I guess - I usually say the rosary (repetition of prayers) I wonder if you tried a couple of different Bible verses over and over or something??? It helps me to run (NO idea why), is a form of meditation almost and is a time saver to combine some of my prayer time with my workout time!
    Keep it up - your posts are motivating me for sure - I want to sign up for something next year - haven't decided what....

  3. I know the thought of training for a half marathon right now, given this weather, is a hard pill to take. I am planning on running Lincoln, too. I haven't signed up yet. I'm waiting for my broken toe to heal. As soon as I start running again, I'll be able to determine my ability. I've been keeping up with doing elliptical with resistance and crossramp (incline).
    The longest I've ever run on a treadmill is 4 miles, but after printing my training schedule, I was determined to do whatever runs had to be done...if not outside then the treadmill it was. Another option, for me, is the local community center has not only treadmills but and indoor track. I figured I could stomach long runs better indoors if I could swap...2 miles treadmill, 2 miles track until complete!

    Hope to see you in Lincoln! (I also want to do Papillion 2 weeks later!)

  4. i do try to get at least one run outside per week. more for my sanity than anything else.

    do the half! is it the lincoln? i've run that one four times. its a great course and there are so many great spectators. its fabulous!

  5. Sign up!! You will find the motivation- promise :)

    I hear ya about the TM though. I have a mental block with it, but have been lucky to get a mild winter so far.

    So- did you recognize me yet? I returned an email from you :)) Thank you!

  6. sign up! maybe that will get you past the mental wall. I have one in June (a half) and I am dreading this next week, because it is 3 miles on the mill... then it's all up from there. It better get warm quick! at least we are back in to double digits here and not singles or negatives still. at some point in the next few weeks I HAVE to go out for hill training EEEKKK!

  7. Jodi- 9 miles, WOW!! Three seems to be my limit now, but I think if I dropped my speed a great deal, I could go longer. I top out around 6mph, but actually pop it up to 6.4 for the last few minutes. I think if I kept it to 5.5 I could go 4 or 5 miles...
    Kristine-I think part of the drudgery is that this treadmill is in my neighbors garage and faces the garage door, like 18" from my face, so there is NOTHING to look at while I run and the garage door seems like its bobbing up and down the whole time. Ugh.
    Twilight, I didnt know Papillion had a 1/2??? When? How much is it to enter? Hope your toe heals up quickly!
    Dawn, yes the Lincoln 1/2, I really want it to be 'my first' =)
    Elkton, er, or do I call you 'small town runner' now? =) Got your email, I need to go find your new blog now =)
    Danielle, I think I will. I know I will regret it if I dont =)

    thanks so much guys!

  8. SIGN UP GIRL....YOU GOT THIS!!! 2% are living on the edge and I like it! I am a mill girl if it is cold ha!

  9. Sign up!!!! You know that you can do it, and May is ages away! This ice and snow will only last a little while longer. :-)

    I'm usually a "run in any weather" gal...but his year, the treadmill and I are getting to know each other. I try to make it outside on the weekend, when I can run in the daylight...but it won't be long before I'm outside every run again!!!